The polar vortex is coming—and raising the odds for intense winter weather

In the stratosphere over Siberia, temperatures recently jumped nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit, shoving the polar vortex off its North Pole perch.
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Charleston weighs wall as seas rise and storms strengthen

Charleston is considering its most drastic measure yet to protect the lives and livelihoods of residents from the threats of climate-driven flooding: walling off its peninsula from the ocean.

Final weeks of historic hurricane season bring new storms

Just when you thought it should be safe to go back to the water, the record-setting tropics are going crazy. Again.

Weakened Eta drenches Central America; at least 57 dead

The rain-heavy remnants of Hurricane Eta flooded homes from Panama to Guatemala Thursday as the death toll across Central America rose to at least 57.

Polls show climate concerns among voters in battleground states

In key swing states, the majority of voters are worried that rising temperatures or sea levels will affect their lives. For some, it has become a voting issue.

Typhoon, landslides leave 35 dead, 59 missing in Vietnam

Typhoon Molave set off landslides that killed at least 19 people and left 45 missing in central Vietnam, where ferocious wind and rain blew away roofs and knocked out power in a region of 1.7 million residents, state media said Thursday.

Strong typhoon slams Vietnam, at least 2 dead, 26 missing

Typhoon Molave slammed into Vietnam with destructive force Wednesday, causing at least two deaths and sinking two fishing boats with 26 crew in what was feared to be the most powerful storm to hit the country in 20 years.

Vietnam braces for Typhoon Molave, in worst tropical storm season for decades

Vietnam is being hit by the most intense series of tropical storms in decades, putting millions of people at risk of losing their homes and livelihoods.

Extreme weather events have increased significantly in the last 20 years

There has been a "staggering rise" in the number of extreme weather events over the past 20 years, driven largely by rising global temperatures and other climatic changes, according to a new report from the United Nations.


Tropical storms can sometimes ‘supercharge’ the hurricanes that follow

In 2018, a tropical storm teamed up with a heat wave to strengthen a hurricane—a storm-fueling scenario that might happen more often as the planet warms.

Busy 2020 hurricane season has Louisiana bracing a 6th time

For the sixth time in the Atlantic hurricane season, people in Louisiana are once more fleeing the state's barrier islands and sailing boats to safe harbor while emergency officials ramp up command centers and consider ordering evacuations.

Photo by Luke Mummert on Unsplash

Hurricanes near U.S. coast forecast to worsen due to climate change

The 2020 hurricane season may be best remembered as the one that spawned so many storms that forecasters ran out of names and had to resort to Greek letters.


Tropical cyclones suppress rainfall in their wakes

As these tempests move over the ocean, they suppress cloud coverage and rainfall in their wakes, new research has revealed. Such changes, which might become more pronounced with climate change, could affect navigation and fishing, researchers have suggested.


How a Hurricane Laura forecast predicted an ‘unsurvivable’ storm surge

Initial reports suggest some Gulf Coast towns were spared, while others may have seen 20 feet of water.

Missed wind patterns are throwing off climate forecasts of rain and storms

Climate scientists can confidently tie global warming to impacts such as sea-level rise and extreme heat. But ask how rising temperatures will affect rainfall and storms, and the answers get a lot shakier.

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