Wisconsin leads 22-state coalition supporting federal standards for PFAS in drinking water

Wisconsin is taking the lead in supporting the U.S. EPA's plan to regulate so-called "forever chemicals" known as PFAS in drinking water.

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Air Guard base contributes to PFAS contamination in the Winooski River

PFAS contamination has been found in groundwater and surface water - including a stretch of the Winooski River - near the Vermont Air National Guard base in South Burlington.


With temperatures rising, can animals survive the heat stress?

Warming temperatures are increasing mortality in creatures ranging from birds in the Mojave Desert, to mammals in Australia, to bumblebees in North America.


Why did Ecuador's tallest waterfall suddenly disappear?

Experts hypothesize that the hydroelectric plant located upstream is indirectly related to the waterfall's demise.


New wetlands rule imperils Bay cleanup, groups say

The net result of the rule change, officials and conservationists say, will be another setback for the multi-state and federal effort to restore the Chesapeake Bay.


Wisconsin Natural Resources Board approves writing PFAS rules

The Natural Resources Board signed off Wednesday on setting environmental standards for two PFAS compounds — so-called "forever chemicals."

Michigan sues 17 chemical companies for PFAS contamination

"Companies … must be held accountable. Polluters must pay."


Activists urge Wolf, again, to shut down the Mariner pipelines

They're pointing to sinkholes and contaminated wells they've seen throughout the building process, and say they're worried about explosions.


More fire foam chemicals found in water near Minnesota air base

Followup investigation planned after PFAS chemicals found in Miller Creek, Rice Lake, groundwater and in one private well.

Sampling finds elevated levels of PFAS chemicals in Madison waterway

The first round of sampling for chemicals known as PFAS in surface waters has revealed elevated levels in Wisconsin rivers and creeks.


We pump too much groundwater, and rivers are in danger

By 2050, thousands of rivers and streams worldwide could pass a critical ecological threshold, new research shows.

Coal plant on Potomac River violated environmental regulations, state inspector says

A coal-fired power plant on the banks of the Potomac River received three violations from a state inspector. An environmental group worries the plant may be polluting the water with toxic heavy metals.

Colorado County claims win as Texas denies hazardous waste permit request

The state denied a permit request by Altair Disposal Services to construct a landfill that would take waste from an incineration facility and turn it into road material.


Conservation groups ask DEC to reconsider Palmer Project permits

Conservation groups say the state of Alaska hasn't collected enough information to issue the permits.

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