Batteries made with ... vanilla?

There's a new type of battery storage technology that has an interesting spice added into the mix — vanillin, which is the primary component of the extract of the vanilla bean.

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Fix, or toss? The 'right to repair' movement gains ground

Both Republicans and Democrats are pursuing laws to make it easier for people to fix cellphones, cars, even hospital ventilators. In Europe, the movement is further along.

Can California’s top wine region survive the era of megafire?

As the climate crisis brings increasingly unpredictable fire seasons, the future of the $43bn industry is uncertain.

Yukon’s climate plans rely on biomass. But is it actually good for the environment?

The territorial government wants to move from burning fossil fuels to wood in a bid to reduce emissions from heating. But critics wonder if the impacts to forests and the climate are being overlooked.

Greensburg, Kansas rebuilt without carbon emissions after a tornado nearly destroyed it

As communities around the country decimated by fires and floods also face rebuilding, and a country stalled by a pandemic reimagines life after a vaccine, the city on the prairie offers some lessons in green living.

Camila Chindoy, the Indigenous daughter poised to lead her Amazon community

At just 25 years old, Camila Chindoy is seen by many in her community as a possible future governor of the Inga Indigenous reserve of Yunguillo in the Colombian Amazon.

This wildlife crossing helps mountain lions cross the 101 in LA

The project will break ground in 2021 and let the city’s mountain lions access more habitat without risking getting hit by cars.

Jane Goodall: ‘Unless we move together toward a new, greener economy… we’re doomed’

Jane Goodall launches a collection with Crate & Barrel to get children thinking about the environment as early as possible. Here, she talks to us about the collection, why capitalism is broken, and how young people can help save the planet.

Scrap that cul-de-sac, suburbia: The grid is back

Since the 1950s, suburban planning has been dominated by winding, disconnected roads. But in Texas, new developments are rediscovering the virtues of the grid. 

Where they stand: The parties on BC’s ailing forest industry

Wildfires, pine beetles and markets have left the once dominant industry in steep decline. Now’s the time to reinvent it, some say.

Annie’s mac and cheese has always saved mealtime. Now it’s saving the planet

Here’s how the General Mills subsidiary is going beyond organic and leading the packaged food industry toward regenerative agriculture.

Startup that aims to boost dairy cows' health nabs $20 million investment

Syringe with peptides and protein fragments developed by Israel's Mileutis to stimulate immune system and reduce use of antibiotics; investor is US-based NovaQuest.

Inside Amazon's quest to use less cardboard

The company is redesigning its packaging to use less material, and employing AI to find the smallest possible package for each box.

Joe Biden answers 6 Vox questions about his climate change agenda

How Biden could use the powers of the presidency to protect vulnerable communities and hold fossil fuel companies accountable.

Gorongosa National Park is being reforested via coffee and agroforestry

Gorongosa National Park is reforesting itself with the help of shade-grown coffee and other agroforestry crops.

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The dangerous fringe theory behind the push toward herd immunity: Derrick Z. Jackson

Resumption of normal life in the United States under a herd immunity approach would result in an enormous death toll by all estimates.

My urban nature gem

Thanks to the Clean Water Act and one relentless activist, Georgia's South River may finally stop stinking.

Dust from your old furniture likely contains harmful chemicals—but there’s a solution

Researchers find people's exposure to PFAS and certain flame retardants could be significantly reduced by opting for healthier building materials and furniture.

Hormone-mimicking chemicals harm fish now—and their unexposed offspring later

Fish exposed to harmful contaminants can pass on health issues such as reproductive problems to future generations that had no direct exposure.

How Europe’s wood pellet appetite worsens environmental racism in the US South

An expanding wood pellet market in the Southeast has fallen short of climate and job goals—instead bringing air pollution, noise and reduced biodiversity in majority Black communities.

America re-discovers anti-science in its midst

Fauci, Birx, Redfield & Co. are in the middle of a political food fight. They could learn a lot from environmental scientists.

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