Alberta Energy Regulator temporarily suspends environmental requirements for oil and gas sites

Alberta’s Official Opposition Leader Rachel Notley called this week’s decision ‘utterly idiotic’
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As oil industry swoons, tar sands workers look to renewables for jobs

Alberta is now facing a reckoning as its oil industry is clobbered by the coronavirus downturn. With tar sands operations shedding jobs, a movement is growing to retrain oil workers for the emerging renewables sector.


The fight against Minnesota’s Line 3 pipeline: Bill McKibben and Winona LaDuke in conversation

How LaDuke's seven-year battle to stop a tar-sands pipeline intersects with McKibben's campaign to stop JPMorgan Chase from funding fossil fuels.


Bill McKibben: Breaking transmission: The fight against the coronavirus offers a strategy for cutting carbon

Fighting climate change requires that we keep opening up gaps in the chain that keeps the planet-wrecking industry thriving.

How the virus has hit the climate movement: Bill McKibben

The Tyee talks to the prominent activist and author about fighting on two fronts.

NRDC, groups decry petcoke transport plans in East Chicago

Environmental groups are pushing back against Canadian National's planned expansion of the transportation of petcoke through East Chicago neighborhoods.

Federal appeals court sends South Portland pipeline case to Maine’s top judges

It's the latest twist in a costly federal lawsuit that now could be decided by the seven justices of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court.

Tzeporah Berman: Trudeau will fuel the fires of our climate crisis if he approves Canada's mega mine

Alberta's oil sands produce one of the dirtiest oils on the planet. If the Teck mega mine is approved, the damage to our planet will be colossal.


Eco-grief among the tar sands: Albertans mourn environmental loss

More people are experiencing what some researchers call “ecological grief,” whether or not they believe climate change is caused by humans.

A storm brews over South Portland’s oil industry and fumes from its tank farms

Activists in this coastal Maine city beat back a tar sands pipeline. Now, fearing for their community’s health, they’re rallying residents for a larger fight.

2 more tar sands oil pipelines run into trouble in the Midwest

A court in Minnesota and officials in Michigan are raising concerns about the Enbridge pipelines’ safety and risk of oil spills in or near the Great Lakes.

Jason Kenney wins in Alberta, setting stage for fierce conflicts

Albertans elected one of the most socially conservative and environmentally hostile governments in its history Tuesday night.

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Plastic pollution, explained

How plastics damage our lives and the environment—and why recycling is not the answer.

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