Chinese official hails 'incomparable' improvement in air quality as virus hits industry

China's air quality saw "incomparable" improvements in the first quarter of this year as a coronavirus outbreak led to rapid declines in industrial activity and transportation, an environment ministry official said on Friday.
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Toxic metals found in shipyard neighbors, but source still unknown

A community health survey identifies elevated levels of harmful substances in workers and residents around Hunters Point. The Navy says its toxic and radioactive Superfund site isn't the source, but experts agree more study is needed.


Toxic air over London falls by 50% at busiest traffic spots

London has had dramatic improvements in its air quality since the coronavirus lockdown, with dangerous emissions at some of the capital's busiest roads and junctions falling by almost 50%.


Study highlights health impacts of pollution on Indigenous communities

A new study from the University of Helsinki presents the current state of knowledge on the exposure and vulnerability of Indigenous Peoples to environmental pollution, reviewing the innumerable impacts that pollution poses on Indigenous communities from all over the world.

EPA sued for failing to act on Arizona air pollution

The EPA is violating the Clean Air Act by failing to take final action on Arizona’s state implementation plan for fine particle pollution in West Pinal County, and failing to determine whether the area meets National Ambient Air Quality Standards, according to a lawsuit filed by the Sierra Club in Arizona federal court.

Ocean advocate raises alarm as masks wash up on beaches

Single-use face masks are washing up on Hong Kong beaches, threatening marine life and raising questions about hygienic disposal of the masks, says a Saanich researcher in marine plastic pollution.


Ann Arbor launches $40K effort to test high-risk basements for dioxane

With a toxic plume of pollution creeping through the groundwater on Ann Arbor's west side, city officials want to make sure it's not infiltrating residents' basements and posing health risks.


Maryland to test water, oysters in St. Mary’s River for toxic chemicals

Maryland officials say they plan to test a Chesapeake Bay tributary and oysters in St. Mary's County after a local resident found high levels of toxic chemicals in his tidal creek - a category of contaminants that have been traced to military and industrial sites nationwide.


Unplugged: Pennsylvania faces a new wave of abandoned oil and gas wells

A network of wells, tanks, pipelines, pump houses and roads cut into the Allegheny National Forest in Elk County to harvest $350 million worth of oil. What worries state and federal environmental regulators isn't the project's growth but its death.


State court revokes air permit for $1 bln Minnesota mine project

The Minnesota Court of Appeals temporarily revoked an air-pollution permit state regulators issued to a Glencore Inc-controlled company for a $1 billion copper-nickel mining operation, handing environmentalists an additional victory after the court yanked the project's mining and dam-safety permits in January.


New debate over just how much the chytrid fungus affecting is affecting amphibians

Scientists agree that amphibians are in trouble. But a battle over the details underscores a larger debate within the scientific community.

Breathing polluted air linked to risk of obesity, diabetes, other chronic illnesses: Study

A recent study suggests that breathing dirty air takes a heavy toll on gut bacteria, boosting risk of obesity, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders and other chronic illnesses.


PFAS contamination: Ministry stands by advice despite new report in Australia

The Ministry for the Environment is sticking by its health advice about firefighting foam contamination - such as that surrounding Ōhakea Air Force Base - despite new findings in Australia.


West Gate Tunnel: PFAS soil stockpiles sitting in Melbourne's inner-west

Thousands of tonnes of PFAS-contaminated soil are being stored outdoors under plastic sheets in Melbourne's inner-west, as the toxic soil crisis continues to loom over the $6.7 billion West Gate Tunnel project.

Pa. proposes to relax non-residential lead cleanup standards

Pennsylvania is proposing to relax its non-residential standard for the concentration of lead allowed in the surface soils of obsolete contaminated properties that adhere to its voluntary cleanup program.

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