Trump’s EPA team overrules career scientists on toxic chemical

Changes to the safety assessment for a major cause of water pollution are the administration's latest “landmine” for Joe Biden's incoming appointees, one Democratic aide said.
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Toxic algae blooms in reservoirs near Steamboat detected thanks to new state protocol

Blue-green algae that populate lakes in and of themselves are not harmful and form the basis of the riparian food web. Under certain conditions, however, the algae multiply rapidly, form blooms and produce toxins.


Pakistan looks to new tech to curb crop burning and cut smog

A new effort by the Punjab government to tackle air pollution caused by rice stubble burning is taking off as machines - called Happy Seeders - are given to farmers at a subsidized cost. The technology could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 78%.

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Mine ponds cause toxic mercury pollution in the Peruvian Amazon

A recent study by researchers in Peru and the US found that, in the past 35 years, there has been a 670% increase in the extent of pits and ponds created by miners digging for small deposits of alluvial gold in the Peruvian Amazon.


This new tech pulls valuable metals directly from water

Now decontaminating water can mean creating a new source for important materials such as copper or lithium.

Groups sue EPA over flares at industrial facilities

Suit claims rules allow excess pollution at natural gas processing stations, landfills and chemical plants.


Experts worried by pollution levels in Barcelona after new project shows danger to citizens in Spain

A new project by architects in Barcelona has revealed the shocking truth about pollution in the city.


Toxic chemical smoke grenades used in Portland

Portland protesters report severe and lasting side effects from the chemical weapons used during Trump’s “Operation Diligent Valor.”

Indian capital launches campaign to curb toxic air pollution

Authorities in New Delhi launched an anti-pollution campaign on Monday in an attempt to curb air pollution levels ahead of winter, when the capital is regularly covered in toxic haze, and warned that filthy air could make the coronavirus pandemic more dangerous.

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WPS to conduct cleanup of toxic chemicals at former gas plant

The Wisconsin Public Service Corp. will now be responsible for cleaning up chemical contamination in Marinette after a settlement with the state and federal governments.


Smoke from Brazil fires affect five Latin American countries

The smoke from the fires in the Brazilian Amazon and Pantanal regions today covers more than four thousand kilometers in Latin America and affects the neighboring countries of Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay.


Bob Litterman: Wildfires have devastated my city. They'll only get worse unless we force businesses to change

Last week, the window in my San Francisco home office, which is normally so bright that the shade is pulled down, was dark all day. The sun never shone over the city, where I am sheltering in place.

Choking on smoke: U.S. cities open clean air shelters for homeless

Seattle's smoke shelters are among several emergency responses implemented in the last two weeks as wildfires rage across the western United States, burning about 5 million acres (2 million hectares) and spewing toxic plumes of ash and smoke.


Trump scales back limits on toxic waste from coal power plants

The Trump administration is relaxing Obama-era requirements stemming toxic heavy metal pollution from coal-fired power plants.


As questions mount about Roundup settlement, Black farmers sue Monsanto to stop herbicide's sales

A lawsuit filed this week by the National Black Farmers Association seeks to stop agribusiness giant Bayer from selling Roundup, its popular herbicide that has been linked to cancer in recent years.

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Moving forward after four years of fights and falsehoods

As the US turns the page on a skeptical and openly hostile administration, environmental science and journalism face continued obstacles—but there is some optimism.

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"There needs to be more intentionality around working with communities that are experiencing environmental inequities."

Unplugged: Abandoned oil and gas wells leave the ocean floor spewing methane

The Gulf of Mexico is littered with tens of thousands of abandoned oil and gas wells, and toothless regulation leaves climate warming gas emissions unchecked.

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