Oil drilling upstream of Okavango Delta moves closer to reality

This month, ReconAfrica's multimillion-dollar drilling rig pierced a riverbed in elephant habitat some 160 miles from the wildlife-rich Okavango Delta.

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South Bend legislators push state bills to regulate toxic 'forever chemicals' in drinking water

Concern is growing nationwide about a family of toxic chemicals found in everything from fabrics to food service containers. And that concern has now reached the Indiana statehouse.

Coastal darkening is threatening marine life

Around the world, coastal waters are steadily growing darker. This darkening—a change in the water's color and clarity—has the potential to cause huge problems for oceans and their inhabitants.


As plastic pollution in rivers gets worse, species are increasingly living on litter

The findings, based on research in British rivers, are the latest evidence of how plastic waste is reshaping the world's riverine ecosystems, both physically and behaviorally.


This new coalition of heavy industry companies is collaborating on net

From shipping to chemicals to cement, heavy industry is harder to decarbonize than other sectors. But a new group is going to work together to find possible solutions.

Pennsylvania: Westmoreland landfill neighbors frustrated

  1. Municipal officials and residents who live near the Westmoreland Sanitary Landfill in Rostraver on Thursday voiced frustration and anger over its continuing operation and what they say is a lack of adequate state regulation.

Can doughnuts save the planet?

Imagine a ring doughnut. This is the basis of an idea about how we could run the world in a way that gives everyone what they need - food, homes, healthcare and more - and save the planet at the same time.


Portland environmental groups, backed by ACLU, sue DHS for use of tear gas

In Portland, environmental, public health, and social justice groups, represented by the ACLU of Oregon, sued the U.S Department of Homeland Security for the health and environmental consequences of airborne chemicals.


Honduran mine protestor shot and killed, others continue to await trial

A man who protested against a mining development in Honduras was shot and killed inside his home last week.


California takes a big step toward making polluters pay for their messes

A bill to reform the Department of Toxic Substances Control has been a long time coming, but will Governor Newsom sign it?

Time is running out on Exide cleanup

As California state efforts to clean up lead and arsenic contaminated areas in southeast Los Angeles go into slow motion and neighbors continue living in toxic homes, state leaders are under intense pressure from local leaders.


Trump keeps losing in court

Many of President Trump's environmental actions have faced court challenges. So how’s he doing? We talk with two experts on Trump's court cases, and future of environmental laws.
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WPS to conduct cleanup of toxic chemicals at former gas plant

The Wisconsin Public Service Corp. will now be responsible for cleaning up chemical contamination in Marinette after a settlement with the state and federal governments.


Western wildfires damage, contaminate drinking water systems

As they tear through forests and developed areas, fires in California, Oregon, and Washington have destroyed water infrastructure and released chemical contaminants.


Hazardous conditions caused illness in Northport Middle School students

School district leaders were aware of hazardous substances in the air, soil and groundwater at Northport Middle School but downplayed the community's health concerns, leading many students to suffer severe illnesses, according to a lawsuit filed in Suffolk County Supreme Court last week.

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Fractured: The stress of being surrounded

Jane Worthington moved her grandkids to protect them from oil and gas wells—but it didn't work. In US fracking communities, the industry's pervasiveness causes social strain and mental health problems.

Fractured: Distrustful of frackers, abandoned by regulators

"I was a total cheerleader for this industry at the beginning. Now I just want to make sure no one else makes the same mistake I did. It has ruined my life."

Fractured: Buffered from fracking but still battling pollution

A statewide network of fracking and conventional wells, pipelines, and petrochemical plants closes in on communities.

Fractured: Harmful chemicals and unknowns haunt Pennsylvanians surrounded by fracking

We tested families in fracking country for harmful chemicals and revealed unexplained exposures, sick children, and a family's "dream life" upended.

Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking

EHN.org scientific investigation finds western Pennsylvania families near fracking are exposed to harmful chemicals, and regulations fail to protect communities' mental, physical, and social health.

LISTEN: Kristina Marusic discusses the "Fractured" investigation

"Once they had the results of our study [families] felt like they had proof that these chemicals are in their air, their water, and making their way into their bodies."

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