NOAA officials feared firings after Trump's hurricane claims, inspector general says

The report found White House pressure led to NOAA’s rebuke of forecasters who contradicted Mr. Trump’s inaccurate claim that Hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama.
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Trump threatens to cut funding if schools do not fully reopen

Disregarding the advice of his own health experts, President Trump also attacked the C.D.C.’s reopening guidelines as onerous and expensive.

Trump administration signals formal withdrawal from WHO

The Trump administration has formally notified the United Nations that the United States will withdraw from the World Health Organization. Health experts widely condemned the departure, which brings an end to threats President Trump had been making for months.


Fighting with Trump over the real ‘social cost of carbon’

Experts across the spectrum agree that the Trump administration's Affordable Clean Energy Rule, which replaced the Clean Power Plan, doesn't pass the test on the basis of critical science, industry experience, or technological feasibility.


Cas Mudde: Trump wants to put a rightwing zealot in charge of public land. Here's why it matters

William Perry Pendley, Trump's nominee to lead the Bureau of Land Management, has ties to anti-environment and anti-government forces.


CDC denied permission to brief public about coronavirus

As the coronavirus spread across the US top officials from the CDC were largely absent from public briefings.

Steve Bland Jr: Trump administration puts Black and Brown lives at risk with environmental rollbacks

As our nation rises up to challenge the racism embedded within our society, I ask all of us to remember the environmental injustices that have been put onto the shoulders of Black and Brown communities.


A new superpower competition between Beijing and Washington: China's nuclear buildup

The Trump administration is portraying the small but increasingly potent Chinese arsenal — still only one-fifth the size of the United States’ or Russia’s — as the big new threat.

William Perry Pendley to be nominated to lead land management agency

President Donald Trump on Friday said he plans to nominate William Perry Pendley, a controversial figure who would become Trump's first head of the agency managing one-tenth of the nation's land mass and vast amounts of underground oil, gas and minerals.

Pandemic’s cleaner air could reshape what we know about the atmosphere

Coronavirus shutdowns have cut pollution, and that’s opened the door to a “giant, global environmental experiment” with potentially far-reaching consequences.

Fauci, citing 'disturbing surge,' tells Congress the virus is not under control

The testimony of the nation’s top infectious disease expert countered President Trump’s upbeat assessment, describing a “mixed bag” of some bright spots amid worrying trends and unknowns.

Nevada adopting California's tough car pollution rules, pushing back against Trump administration

Nevada's governor has announced that the state will adopt tougher emission standards for vehicles set by neighboring California, a blow to the Trump administration's efforts to roll back vehicle standards passed under the Obama administration.


Green groups challenge Trump water rollback

A coalition of environmental groups sued the Trump administration Monday, challenging a rollback of protections for the nation's waterways originally put in place under the Obama administration.


EPA won’t regulate toxic compound linked to fetal brain damage

The Trump administration on Thursday finalized a decision not to impose any limits on perchlorate, a toxic chemical compound found in rocket fuel that contaminates water and has been linked to fetal and infant brain damage.

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