PennFuture lawsuit says EPA must update federal regulations for coke ovens

A coalition of environmental groups has prevailed in a federal lawsuit asserting that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency failed to regulate pollution from coke ovens around the country, including the Clairton Coke Works.

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Health department investigates Mon Valley pollution

On a day when the North Braddock air monitor measured elevated sulfur dioxide levels in the Monongahela Valley, the Allegheny County Health Department also announced that it was investigating a June 17 emissions plume from the U.S. Steel Corp.'s Edgar Thomson Works.

Pollution case against U.S. Steel dismissed

A federal judge finds the steelmaker did not violate federal Superfund law in the aftermath of two fires at its Clairton Coke Works.

Has U.S. Steel kept promises made in agreement with Health Dept.?

A lot has happened since the Allegheny County Health Department finalized a settlement agreement with U.S. Steel over ongoing emissions issues at its Mon Valley Works this past summer.

Industry, labor launch effort to tout 'traditional industries'

Environmental concerns about heavy industry and natural gas drilling have stirred intense debate around Pittsburgh. A coalition of local unions and manufacturing companies has launched a new effort to advocate for "traditional and manufacturing industries."

Breathe Project questions $3 million settlement over air pollution violations at Clairton Coke Works

The Allegheny County Health Department and U.S. Steel recently reached a settlement over air pollution violations at the Clairton Coke Works, but Matt Mehalik, executive director of the Breathe Project, isn't satisfied with it.

Settlement of Clairton Coke Works suit results in Mon Valley windfall

Court finalizes class action suit settlement with U.S. Steel that will pay approximately 1,600 Clairton area households more than $700 each.

Health officials: U.S. Steel faces $743,625 in fines for Clairton Coke Works violations

The Allegheny County Health Department has slapped U.S. Steel with $743,625 in fines for pollution violations at its Clairton Coke Works facility, the agency announced Friday.

What you need to know about air quality, the U.S. Steel settlement and temperature inversions

Kara Holsopple and Kristina Marusic discuss the settlement of a class action lawsuit against U.S. Steel and how the Christmas temperature inversion that made Pittsburgh's air smell like "rotten eggs, sewer backup, burning plastic and hospital waste."

After string of smoggy days, county wants polluters to reduce emissions during some weather events

The Allegheny County Health Department has announced a new effort to fight weather-related air pollution events. The move follows six consecutive December days of small particle pollution exceedances downwind of U.S. Steel's Clairton Coke Works, which were linked to temperature inversions in the Mon Valley.

U.S. Steel, the company that built America, faces its age

Last Christmas Eve, a sprinkler pipe at a United States Steel Corp. plant south of Pittsburgh fell from the ceiling in a building at the 120-year-old complex. Within minutes, an area the size of a football field was engulfed in flame.

Pennsylvania communities grow wary of worsening air pollution as petrochemical industry arrives

While the Ohio River Valley, long home to the coal and steel industries, is no stranger to air pollution, the region's natural gas boom and burgeoning petrochemical industry threaten to erase the gains of recent decades.

U.S. Steel unveils pledge to cut emissions

U.S. Steel has announced it aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent by 2030. The plan relies in large part on upgrades at two large facilities.

‘We don’t understand why they haven’t done this yet’: Groups sue US Steel over emissions data

US Steel reported releases of sulfur dioxide to local regulators after a Christmas Eve fire knocked out pollution controls. But two environmental groups said the company also should have reported releases of other hazardous pollutants.
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