Waste-water woes: How sewage capacity could bog down growth in the Pembina Valley

The Pembina Valley's population growth is outpacing the rest of the country, but the southern Manitoba region has a big, stinky problem that could stand in the way of continued growth.
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Even without federal infrastructure deal, cities continue to invest

The rising price of water continues to raise questions about affordability for households at the bottom of the income distribution.

Is drilling and fracking waste on your sidewalk or in your pool?

Oil and gas waste, which is exempt from hazardous waste rules, is commonly used in commercial applications.

The next big bet in fracking

Fledgling companies, many backed by private equity, are rushing to help shale drillers deal with one of their trickiest problems: what to do with the vast volumes of wastewater that are a byproduct of fracking wells.
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Watch: Seneca Nation celebrates after fracking water treatment permits are revoked

The Seneca Nation of Indians have declared victory after a proposed project to treat fracking wastewater at the headwaters of the Allegheny River was nixed by the local water authority. EHN previously reported on the widespread opposition to the project.

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Peter Fisher: Fixing cities' water crises could send our climate targets down the gurgler

Cities all over the world are facing growing challenges to provide clean, reliable water. And many of the fixes, such as desalination plants, have a huge carbon footprint.

Battling a tide of sewage in Brazil: ‘For 17 days we lived with our feet under water’

Residents near the world's fourth largest hydroelectric power plant say the Belo Monte dam has made their houses prone to floods of waste water.

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U.S. Steel abandons clean tech plans in Pittsburgh region following damning health study

The company scraps planned Pennsylvania investments and will instead shut down three polluting batteries in 2023. The announcement comes a week after a study shows lower lung function in people living near its Pittsburgh-region facility.

Fertility & Environmental Justice: A conversation with Shanna Swan and Annie Hoang

"These toxics chemicals are affecting you—not just the polar bears, the insects, and the birds."

Can marine protected areas reduce marine disease?

EHN talked to marine disease experts about the role of increasing ocean protection in combating rising disease rates.

Food dyes linked to attention and activity problems in children

"Most consumers have no idea that something that is allowed in the food supply by the FDA could trigger adverse behaviors."

Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking

EHN.org scientific investigation finds western Pennsylvania families near fracking are exposed to harmful chemicals, and regulations fail to protect communities' mental, physical, and social health.

Biden takes a run at America's glaring environmental problems. Can he succeed?

President Biden counts on a tenuous Congressional majority to dramatically alter environmental policy.

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