England’s waterways as polluted as they were 4 years ago

Only 16% of rivers, lakes and coastal waters meet minimum ecological criteria, agency says.

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Communities of color are dumping grounds for toxic waste in Michigan

Seven of eight hazardous-waste facilities that accept offsite waste in Michigan are in disproportionately Black, lower-income communities in metro Detroit.


Permafrost results in $20M water costs for Alaska zinc mine

Thawing permafrost linked to global warming forced an expenditure of nearly $20 million on water storage and discharge management.


EPA weakens Obama-era wastewater discharge regulations for coal-fired power plants

A statement from EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler said "newer, more affordable pollution control technologies and flexibility on the regulation’s phase-in will reduce pollution and save jobs at the same time.”

First COVID case linked to community spread rattles Gaza

Gaza authorities announced last week the first COVID-19 case in the Palestinian enclave that was spread through the community, raising fears that a larger outbreak might occur.


Yukon hikes Victoria Gold’s reclamation bond by $3.5 million

Increase comes four months after heavy spring freshet caused company to dump 43 million litres of untreated wastewater at its Eagle Gold mine.


AGL says floating gas project won't hurt wetlands on Mornington Peninsula

The floating gas plant will see up to 180 Olympic swimming pools worth of chlorinated water discharged every day into Western Port.


Utility shutoffs — threat or call to arms? Stakeholders debate what is fair in time of COVID-19

When the state's top utility regulator asked stakeholders whether utilities should be able to resume shutting off nonpaying customers, the split between the yeas and the nays was stark.


Recycled water could be the future in Boise

City officials are still studying recycled water after the community expressed concerns about the issue.


Upper Potomac Riverkeeper fights “forever chemicals”

On March 26, while much of the world had shut down, Upper Potomac Riverkeeper Brent Walls was in the field.


Don't dump drugs in trash, toilet; it may come back in your food: study

After finding pharmaceuticals in sea squirts, Tel Aviv University researchers urge public to take unused medicines to clinics or pharmacies.


Wait, how much microplastic is swirling in the Atlantic?

Scientists calculate that the top 200 meters of ocean alone contains up to 21 million metric tons of plastic. And that wasn't even counting microfibers.

Burial site found on a property tied to Obama causing tension with Native Hawaiians

After Native Hawaiian remains were found on the multimillion-dollar oceanfront lot being developed by the chair of the Obama Foundation, a state official decided to relocate the remains. Kamuela Kala‘i is speaking up for her ancestors.

Wastewater, runoff from stormwater, agriculture slow Chesapeake Bay cleanup

The big three sources - wastewater and stormwater runoff from neighborhoods and agriculture. Virginia is on track to reduce pollution from wastewater treatment plants, but it remains a problem in the James and York Rivers.


A pause for energy developers threatening Texas Big Bend region

Big Bend is undergoing a thoughtful, patient exercise to achieve a unique goal in Texas: Tilting the balance between shareholders and stakeholders more favorably to those intent on preserving what is sacred in this rugged territory.

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Algoma Steel workers allege company had ‘full knowledge’ of exposure to lethal, cancer-causing chemicals

Employees and the union allege minimal enforcement by Ontario's Ministry of Labour is to blame for lax oversight at a plant already linked to cross-border air pollution in the region.

Solar power on the rise at US schools

Report finds an 81% increase in K-12 schools using solar power over the last 5 years.

Microplastics in farm soils: A growing concern

Researchers say that more microplastics pollution is getting into farm soil than oceans—and these tiny bits are showing up in our fruits, veggies, and bodies.

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