After a years-long crisis, the lead levels in Pittsburgh’s water finally meet federal compliance

For the first time in four years, the lead levels in Pittsburgh’s drinking water are compliant with federal standards.
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In India, there's water everywhere, and nowhere

A 2,400-mile trek across India reveals the allure of its sacred rivers—and a crisis that threatens a way of life.

A long-simmering water battle comes to a boil in Southern California

The Colorado makes life possible in the American West and nowhere is that more true than California's Imperial Valley.


A water crisis looms for 270 million people as South Asia’s glaciers shrink

Melting ice is crucial to the thirsty Indus River region. But now the flow is projected to decline, posing risks for agriculture and a growing population.

Afghanistan hires lockdown jobless to boost Kabul's water, trees

The government aims to tackle both the economic fallout from COVID-19 and the capital's shrinking water supply.


Ohio River regulators planning riverwide PFAS study

Twenty locations along the river including Pa. will be sampled for this group of "forever chemicals" associated with reproductive problems, liver, kidney and thyroid disease, and cancer.

What starts in the Amazon doesn’t stay there: Fires melting Andes glaciers

Study finds that worsening Amazon fires are melting Andean glaciers; soot builds up on snow, absorbing more solar radiation.


UN warns hunger crisis in southern Africa ′on scale we′ve not seen before′

A record 45 million people across southern Africa are in need of in urgent need of food aid, the UN has said.


Water crises again ranked a top global risk in World Economic Forum report

Degradation of the planet's natural systems is the most worrisome threat to social and political stability in the next 10 years, according to the World Economic Forum's annual survey.


Rivers run dry in Bali as tourism, drought, overwhelm water supply

Bali is perhaps too beloved: the Indonesian island is in the midst of a drought and water is running out fast, pitting local water needs against those of the powerful tourism industry.


What would it look like to take the First Nations water crisis seriously?

Government after government has spent millions on water-treatment plants. But thousands of households still can't drink from the tap.


Spy-satellite images reveal how climate change is rapidly melting the Himalayan glaciers

If things continue as they are now, the glaciers are likely to lose two-thirds of their total ice. For a region already plagued by poverty and inequality, that eventuality is catastrophic.

'There's a water crisis in Pennsylvania': Environmental advocates call for clean water funding

Environmental advocates on Wednesday presented a grim picture of polluted streams, plastic-filled rivers, and underfunded state departments as they called on the Legislature to pony up more money for clean water programs.


Kabul faces water crisis as drought, population strain supply

A shortage of rain and snow, a booming population and wasteful consumption have drained the Afghan capital's water basin and sparked a race to the bottom as households and businesses bore deeper and deeper wells in search of the precious resource.


It's 'going to end with me': The fate of Gulf fisheries in a warming world

As global warming changes the Texas coast and cheap food imports flood the country, the people who make their living off oysters and shrimp are disappearing.
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A Northeast US climate initiative has had a major side benefit—healthier children

Researchers estimate a climate effort in the Northeast U.S. helped the region reduce toxic air pollution and avoid hundreds of asthma and autism cases, preterm births, and low birth weights.

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