What could drive humans to extinction?

What if human extinction is a looming reality? In fact, researchers around the world spend their days grappling with this very possibility, and how we might avoid it.

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Where will everyone go?

ProPublica and The New York Times Magazine, with support from the Pulitzer Center, have for the first time modeled how climate refugees might move across international borders. This is what we found.

A long-simmering water battle comes to a boil in Southern California

The Colorado makes life possible in the American West and nowhere is that more true than California's Imperial Valley.

Remarkable drop in Colorado River water use a sign of climate adaptation

Use of Colorado River water in the three states of the river’s lower basin fell to a 33-year low in 2019.

Will COVID-19 inspire the world to provide poor people with clean water?

Handwashing can prevent many diseases, if you have easy access to soap and water. Some three billion people don’t.

Lake Powell Pipeline hits ‘an important milestone’ with roll out of environmental study

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation released a draft environmental impact statement for the Lake Powell Pipeline project Monday and encourages the public to submit comments on the study between now and early September.

Climate change is going to hit Palestine particularly hard

Global warming will exacerbate the Israel-Palestine conflict. But the conflict will also exacerbate the effects of global warming.

Wahleah Johns: The coronavirus is just one challenge the Navajo Nation is facing

The reservation has more coronavirus cases per capita than any state in the country.

Thirsty future for American West as "megadrought" grips some of the fastest-growing U.S. cities

In the midst of an historic drought, the twin concerns of rapid growth and dwindling water supply have grown increasingly urgent across the Western U.S.

São Paulo’s favelas are running out of food. These women are stepping in.

COVID-19 is worsening hardship in Brazil's working-class settlements, so this group is giving out 6,000 free meals a day.

Remote Belize village with no access to safe drinking water gets solar-powered device to suck it out of the air

Until recently Caye Caulker largely relied on bottled water being shipped in - a service that has been disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Weaponizing water in northern Syria?

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, water is running out in the Kurdish region of northern Syria.

Water utilities' biggest coronavirus concern is staffing

Potential quarantines have utilities shoring up their contingency plans in case essential employees cannot work.

Coronavirus threat rattles water-scarce refugee camps

As the coronavirus expands across the globe, millions of refugees living in crowded, ill-equipped camps are bracing for the arrival of the pandemic. 
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Prepare for a November surprise

Don't believe the polls; it'll be a race, by hook or by crook.

WATCH: Agents of Change discuss writing, research, and activism

"At the end of the day it's about holding a love for the people you work with, holding your sacred ground—this is my truth."

A Northeast US climate initiative has had a major side benefit—healthier children

Researchers estimate a climate effort in the Northeast U.S. helped the region reduce toxic air pollution and avoid hundreds of asthma and autism cases, preterm births, and low birth weights.

Diversity and community focus: The future of science communication

How EHN's Agents of Change series highlighted the inequities—and opportunities—in environmental health.

Cutting edge of science

An exclusive look at important research just over the horizon that promises to impact our health and the environment

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