Research surprise unveils how common herbicide kills bees

Many studies already claimed the nation's most-used weedkiller was lethal to bees, but new research indicates its much-maligned active ingredient - glyphosate - isn't to blame.

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'A sip can kill': Did a chemical company misrepresent data to avoid making a safer product?

A former Syngenta scientist alleges lives could have been saved with tweaks to the formulation of weedkiller paraquat.


Popular organic weed-control product found to include banned chemicals

It seemed too good to be true, and it may have been. The Cailfornia Deptpartment of Food and Agriculture has issued a stop-use order for Agro Gold Weed Slayer.

Glyphosate exposure could disrupt human gut microbiome

Exposure to glyphosate could adversely affect the microbes in our gut, potentially leading to poor health.

Soybean and cotton growers sue EPA over new dicamba restrictions

The American Soybean Association and the Plains Cotton Growers contend the EPA overstepped in its new restrictions on the weed killer dicamba.

EPA documents show dicamba damage worse than previously thought

The pesticide harmed tens of thousands of farmers, overwhelmed state agriculture departments and damaged research plots across the United States, according to documents the federal agency released Tuesday.


Bayer seeks to strike $265 million award in first dicamba-related trial

Bayer has filed post-trial motions in the Missouri Bader Farms case, asking for the $265 million verdict to be overturned in the first dicamba-related case to go to trial.


San Diego County's war over Roundup

It's everywhere, taking over like the weeds it's meant to kill. Now glyphosate, the bestselling weedbuster of all time, has become a pest.


Tequesta joins Jupiter as the latest to tighten Roundup weedkiller regulations

Tequesta's Village Council directed its village manager to eliminate the use of products containing the chemical glyphosate on village-owned land.


Monsanto’s defense: Fungal disease, not dicamba, to blame for peach farmer’s problems

On Monday, with the plaintiff wrapping up its case, lawyers representing Monsanto shifted the attention to everything but the herbicide.


Overall pesticide usage down, weedkiller atrazine on the rise in Vermont

Atrazine was the most-used pesticide on Vermont farms despite being banned in Europe.

‘Environmental racism’: New Yorkers of color subjected to more Roundup pesticide than others

“The public parks and zoos and playgrounds that low- and moderate-income people use — and especially people of color — they're killing us."


Dicamba on trial: Internal docs show Monsanto, BASF prepared for drift complaints prior to dicamba launch

For years, Monsanto and BASF have been blaming alleged crop damage from the weed killer dicamba on other factors, including weather, other pesticides and applicator misuse.


Should you really be worried about using Roundup?

The Germans have banned it and 18,400 Americans are suing over it. What is glyphosate and why is it so controversial?
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U.S. Steel abandons clean tech plans in Pittsburgh region following damning health study

The company scraps planned Pennsylvania investments and will instead shut down three polluting batteries in 2023. The announcement comes a week after a study shows lower lung function in people living near its Pittsburgh-region facility.

Fertility & Environmental Justice: A conversation with Shanna Swan and Annie Hoang

"These toxics chemicals are affecting you—not just the polar bears, the insects, and the birds."

Can marine protected areas reduce marine disease?

EHN talked to marine disease experts about the role of increasing ocean protection in combating rising disease rates.

Food dyes linked to attention and activity problems in children

"Most consumers have no idea that something that is allowed in the food supply by the FDA could trigger adverse behaviors."

Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking

EHN.org scientific investigation finds western Pennsylvania families near fracking are exposed to harmful chemicals, and regulations fail to protect communities' mental, physical, and social health.

Biden takes a run at America's glaring environmental problems. Can he succeed?

President Biden counts on a tenuous Congressional majority to dramatically alter environmental policy.

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