Susannah Meadows: What I saw in Yosemite was devastating

What does it mean if we can't protect even our protected land from climate change?
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PG&E aims to curb wildfire risk by burying many power lines

The California utility said the work would involve about 10,000 miles of its network, a project potentially costing tens of billions of dollars.

Catching fire: AI is helping scarce firefighters better predict blazes

As climate change and gaps in forest management create more intense and deadly wildfire seasons, firefighting resources are increasingly stretched to the limit. Researchers like Chris Dunn hope their tools can help ease that pressure by making sure scarce fire resources are deployed as efficiently as possible.


Climate change is here - not on its way

From heatwaves and wildfires in North America to catastrophic flooding in Germany and China, the world over, climate scientists' predictions are being horribly realized.


Susan Joy Hassol, Kristie Ebi and Yaryna Serkez: Extreme heat is deadly. Here’s how to limit its toll

Yes, it is getting hotter. And while you might be able to escape the intensifying tropical storms, flooding or droughts by moving elsewhere, refuge from extreme heat is no longer easy to find. Even in Siberia.


Explosive wildfire season will get worse with thunderstorms, lightning

As numerous and expansive wildfires continue to rage across the western United States, officials are warning that conditions will worsen with the effects of thunderstorms and lightning in the region.


Liberals boost climate change mitigation fund by $1.4 billion

Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna says the federal government is adding almost $1.4 billion to the disaster mitigation and adaptation fund this year to help communities across Canada facing climate change and environmental disasters.

See how wildfire smoke spread across America

Smoke from wildfires in the Western United States and Canada covered skies in a thick haze on Tuesday and triggered air quality alerts from Toronto to Philadelphia.

Haze in Philadelphia might aggravate heart disease, asthma and emphysema. Can masks help?

It depends on how good your mask is, because this smoke contains particles much tinier than those COVID-19 respiratory droplets you've been dodging.

Rural Oregon awaits Bootleg Fire evacuations: 'Everybody is freaking out'

A family prepared to evacuate as the Bootleg Fire burned closer to their home and restaurant. In another town, T-shirts memorialized the nation’s largest blaze.

See how wildfire smoke spread across the United States

Smoke from wildfires in the western United States and Canada covered skies in a thick haze on Tuesday and triggered air quality alerts from Toronto to Philadelphia.

San Francisco embraces aggressive new climate change goals as drought, heat and wildfires engulf California

Some say change is still not fast enough to address a climate emergency that the Board declared two years ago.


Libya′s battle to protect its endangered forests

A decade of conflict and instability in the North African country has not only taken its toll on people but also on nature. Will environmentalists succeed in protecting Al-Jabal al-Akhdar, a forest surrounded by desert?

Hotter and drier: Deforestation and wildfires take a toll on the Amazon

The climate in the Amazon has been changing over the last few decades.


British Columbia facing consequences of climate change, says UNBC prof

As the province continues to battle the aftermath of an unprecedented heatwave, including an early and intense wildfire season, a University of Northern British Columbia professor says we need to adapt to the realities of climate change.
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A toxic travelogue

The first four stops on a tour tracing American history through its pollution.

Breast cancer: Hundreds of chemicals identified as potential risk factors

Researchers find nearly 300 chemicals linked to breast cancer-contributing hormones in everyday products, and call for a renewed focus on women's exposure risks.

My island does not want to be resilient. We want a reclamation.

Unlearning academic jargon to understand and amplify beauty and power in Puerto Rico.

Measuring Houston’s environmental injustice from space

Satellites show communities of color are far more exposed to pollution in Houston, offering a potential new way to close data gaps and tackle disparities.

Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking

EHN.org scientific investigation finds western Pennsylvania families near fracking are exposed to harmful chemicals, and regulations fail to protect communities' mental, physical, and social health.

The real story behind PFAS and Congress’ effort to clean up contamination: Op-ed

Former EPA official Jim Jones sets the record straight on 'the forever chemical' as lawmakers take up the PFAS Action Act

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