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The climate crisis is worse for women. Here’s why

Although climate change is a collective problem, its burdens - displacement, homelessness, poverty, sexual violence, disease - weigh more heavily on women and girls.

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IPCC aims to elevate women’s voices in climate science

For too long, the world's foremost scientific body on global warming has overlooked the contributions of female scientists and the unique impact of climate change on the planet's roughly 3.8 billion women, advocates say.


Men cause more climate emissions than women, study finds

Men's spending on goods causes 16% more climate-heating emissions than women's, despite the sum of money being very similar, a study has found.

Susan Collins wants to ban ‘forever chemicals’ from cosmetics

U.S. Sen. Susan Collins introduced a bill Tuesday to ban "forever chemicals" from cosmetic products such as makeup, moisturizer and perfume.

Green growth: The save-the-mangrove scheme reaping rewards for women in Kenya

A community project on the Lamu archipelago trains women in preserving this vital ecosystem and provides business loans.

Women and youth are leading Kenya's coral reef revival

A programme to restore Kenya's damaged coral reefs is creating jobs and boosting the fish catch in economically vulnerable communities

Farhana Sultana: Climate and COVID-19 crises both need feminism - here's why

People all over the world are reeling from the one-two punch of climate change and COVID-19. The overlapping crises are exposing and intensifying patterns of disadvantage, marginalization and inequality for vulnerable people including the poor, minorities, children, women and the elderly.

Audubon fostered toxic work culture for women and people of color, probe confirms

An audit of the National Audubon Society confirmed the findings of a POLITICO investigation that the environmental organization fostered a culture of harassment.

‘Water warriors’: The US women banding together to fight for water justice

Women have been deeply embedded in the movement for clean water and sanitation for decades, which has become even more pressing amid the pandemic.


Women protest Niger Delta oil pollution

After decades of oil pollution, women especially have suffered the consequences of serious pollution, and the health problems associated with it. But they are now leading the movement to change that.


An unlikely band of water defenders fights chronic shortages in El Salvador

They battle sexism and bureaucracy to bring water to those most affected: women in their communities. “We women were those most in front of the fight.”

Anne-Marie Trevelyan: Climate change disproportionately affects women – but they can also provide the solution

Climate change affects us all – no matter where you live or what you do. But the impacts of climate change are not spread evenly across the globe, with rising global temperatures already hitting the most disadvantaged.

Can the ‘Great Green Wall’ carry out Sankara’s ecological, pan-African dream?

Thomas Sankara, Burkina Faso's folk-hero president, once marshalled a nation to halt the spread of the Sahara. Decades after his brutal death, a pan-African project of epic scale and ambition is aiming to reverse the creeping desertification that threatens to engulf a vast region, accelerating climate change, migration and conflict.

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Climate storytelling: Creativity and imagination in the face of bleak realities

Working with youth writers on a climate-fiction screenplay has opened my eyes to the power of the arts in confronting environmental crises.

Peter Dykstra: Protected by an alphabet soup of acronyms

CITES, CCAMLR, LDC, MBTA, CBD, Ramsar, LWCF ... they may make your eyes glaze over, but they protect our health and planet.

Alabama PFAS manufacturing plant creates the climate pollution of 125,000 cars

The manufacturing plant responsible for PFAS-coated fast food packaging pumps out loads of a banned ozone-depleting compound along with "forever chemicals."

LISTEN: EHN's Pittsburgh reporter featured on "We Can Be" podcast

"I believe that true, well-told stories have the power to change the world for good."

Ocean plastic pollution

Too much plastic is ending up in the ocean — and making its way back onto our dinner plates.

Weaponization of water in South Asia

Climate change and unbalanced regional political power are driving an ongoing water crisis in Bangladesh.

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