Cleaning up B.C.’s Tulsequah Chief mine will cost $48.7 million

A final remediation plan released by the provincial government this week is seen as a positive step in ending six decades of pollution from the mine on the Alaska border — but it's still unclear who'll foot the bill.

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Environmental groups sue to overturn the approval of a controversial Arctic Alaska mining road

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Anchorage, seeks to overturn the July 23 approval issued for the Ambler Mining District Industrial Access Project.

Port Pirie study discovers $40 million in silver and other heavy metals in smelter city

Thousands of tonnes of heavy metals, including silver, have been found in underwater sediment near the regional town of Port Pirie.

B.C. delays work to clean up Tulsequah Chief mine due to COVID-19

Northwest B.C. mine has been leaching contaminated water into salmon-producing river on Alaska border for more than six decades.

Bagdad Hillside to pay $5 million for arsenic leak from mine

Arizona environmental regulators say the Hillside Mine once produced gold, copper, silver, lead and zinc. But the operation in the hills of Yavapai County shut down in about 1950, and mining hasn't resumed since.

Yukon First Nations leaders fear mine will increase violence against women in ‘land of the caribou’

Assessment board says Kudz Ze Kayah mine will significantly harm water resources, traditional lands and human health and safety.

Breaking bad: Uncovering the oil industry's dirty secret

Every year hundreds of ships and oil rigs are sold to shipbreaking yards in south Asia where they are cut apart by low-paid migrants.

Arizona toxic releases soar, led by copper mines, smelter, EPA says

But the company reporting the most releases said its estimate is erroneously high, though it hasn't provided new numbers.

Down on the farm that harvests metal from plants

Hyper-accumulating plants thrive in metallic soil that kills other vegetation, and botanists are testing the potential of phytomining.

Engineered yeast can remove heavy metals from wastewater

Easy storage and rapid growth could see yeast compete with bacterial and chemical remediation.


Shame of Kisumu water company destroying Lake Victoria

Kisumu Water and Sewerage Company pumps at least seven dangerous chemicals into Lake Victoria.

EPA declined to pursue cleanup of factory responsible for green ‘ooze’ in Metro Detroit

Hazardous chemicals were still on site and potential threats, state said in 2019 report.

Inside the shuttered factory where I-696 ooze allegedly originated

According to 2016 cease-and-desist order, '9 daycares, schools, and senior living facilities are located within 1-mile radius.'

Olive Hill Part IV: Contamination, cancer and a coyote

Longtime residents recall people in hazmat suits coming to Olive Hill's contaminated 3.1 acres digging and inspecting the area 20 years ago.

A mine in the middle: Travelling through the Nahanni, the 'Grand Canyon of Canada'

We paddled the Nahanni, where, despite prominent opposition, roads will soon be built to the Prairie Creek mine in the heart of Nahanni National Park Reserve.

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