A plan to mine the Minnesota wilderness hit a dead end. Then Trump became president.

The revival of project to mine the edge of Minnesota's cherished Boundary Water has angered environmentalists and focused attention on an unusual connection between a Chilean billionaire and President Trump's family.

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Zinke was briefed by USGS chief before downplaying climate

The U.S. Geological Survey director huddled with Ryan Zinke hours before the then-Interior secretary went on television to downplay the National Climate Assessment.

Judge delivers major setback to Trump policy to increase coal mining on federal land

The Interior Department acted illegally when it sought to lift an Obama-era moratorium on coal mining on public lands, a court found.

Mining project on federal lands hires former Interior head

Former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has a new job with a gold-mining firm that's pursuing project approvals involving the federal agency that Zinke left fewer than four months ago.


Interior nominee intervened to block report on endangered species

While serving as deputy secretary, David Bernhardt, President Trump’s choice to lead the Interior Department, adopted a regulatory approach favored by the pesticide industry.

Adam Markham: Zinke’s successor needs to pick up the pieces and rebuild trust at Interior

The country needs a secretary who serves the public, not just the oil, gas and mining industries.

How Zinke lost his way

In journeying from Whitefish to Washington, an outsider from Montana failed to follow the political guardrails.
Credit: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff


Peter Dykstra: Year in review — Measuring the US government’s 2018 footprint ... on Mother Nature’s throat

The year saw President Donald Trump's promised multi-front assault on environmental values, regulations and science bear some toxic fruit.

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Leading contenders emerge to replace Zinke as Interior secretary

President Trump said he plans to announce this week his pick to replace Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who will be leaving the administration at the end of the year.


Ryan Zinke, Into the Sunset

The secretary of the Interior departs under a cascade of ethics investigations.

Zinke’s likely successor is a former oil Lobbyist who has influenced Trump’s energy policy

With the Interior secretary's departure, the agency will likely be run for a time by David Bernhardt, a man who has played a central role in opening up public lands to drilling and mining.

Ryan Zinke, face of Trump environmental rollbacks, is leaving Interior Department

Mr. Zinke is the latest Trump administration official to exit his position facing questions of ethical conflict.
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