Alexa White

sustainable coffee
Author Alexa White interviewing a farmer in the Jamaican Blue Mountains after receiving a tour of her farm. (Credit: Alexa White)

Opinion: The global food system is failing small-scale farmers — here’s how to fix it

Maybe we don’t need Jamaican coffee in the middle of US winter.

I held her as she wept into my shirt while my lab mate ran across the coffee field to get tissues.

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sustainable coffee
La autora Alexa White entrevista a un campesino (or "una campesina" if the person depicted is a woman/femme-identifying person) en las Montañas Azules jamaiquinas después de hacer un recorrido por su finca. (Crédito: Alexa White)

El sistema global de alimentos le está fallando a los campesinos – así podemos arreglarlo

La abracé mientras lloraba sobre mi camiseta a la vez que mi colega de laboratorio corría a través del campo de café para traer pañuelos.
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