Annie Hoang

workers rights

For thousands of Americans unhealthy chemical exposures at work are a needless reality

No one should have to choose between work and health.

For more than two decades, my mother has worked in poorly ventilated nail salons where she inhales toxic fumes that have caused new health issues.

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workers health

Para miles de estadounidenses las exposiciones a sustancias químicas nocivas en el trabajo son una realidad innecesaria

Durante más de dos décadas, mi madre ha trabajado en salones de uñas mal ventilados donde inhala vapores tóxicos que le han causado nuevos problemas de salud.

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fast food PFAS

Burgers and fries with a side of PFAS

New testing finds evidence of “forever chemicals” in fast-food packaging from popular spots like McDonald’s, Starbucks and KFC.

environmental justice

Agents of Change in Environmental Justice program accepting applications

Do you find that public voices in science are lacking diversity and want to help create change? We want to hear from you.

environmental justice

LISTEN: How Western media could better cover climate change in the Middle East

“The whole media of the Western countries don’t do justice to some of the works being done here.”

BPA exposure health

Everyone is likely overexposed to BPA

If you're using plastic, you're likely above acceptable health safety levels.

BADGE BPA chemical

BPA's evil cousin

An ongoing series examining BADGE — an unregulated danger in epoxy resins.

sustainable coffee

Opinion: The global food system is failing small-scale farmers — here’s how to fix it

Maybe we don’t need Jamaican coffee in the middle of US winter.