April Ballard

World Toilet Day: Housing status should not determine access to clean, safe bathrooms

Bathrooms, when sufficient, provide us the space to care for ourselves and have dignity. We need to extend this right to people experiencing homelessness in US cities.

ATLANTA—It is a typical Saturday morning in downtown Atlanta. On one block, I see about a hundred people sitting on a wall and staircase across from Hurt Park, eating meals provided by community members and organizers; perhaps the only meal many will eat that day.

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Striving for dignity in homelessness research and outreach

"I never met a Kentuckian who wasn't either thinking about going home or actually going home."- Kentucky Senator A.B "Happy" Chandler.

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La investigación y alcance en la lucha por la dignidad de los desamparados

"Nunca conocí a un kentuckiano que no estuviera pensando o en regresar a casa o que ya realmente hubiera regresado a casa". - Senador de Kentucky A.B "Happy" Chandler.

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Peter Dykstra: Environmental "solutions" too good to be true

From leaded gas to plastic packaging — all too often we “solve” health and environment problems only to learn we’ve created bigger ones.

Green beauty product testing finds more than 60% have PFAS indicators

“Time and again, you see that PFAS are everywhere in products where they shouldn't be.”

How environmental justice work takes a toll on people of color

From discrimination and a lack of staff diversity to witnessing communities like yours harmed, environmental justice work is an emotional and physical struggle.

Mental health and sustainable healthcare

An unlikely pairing offers potential for discovery and insight.

Pollution’s mental toll: How air, water and climate pollution shape our mental health

For years Americans have been warned about the dangers of pollution and climate change but one effect is neglected: impacts to our brains.

Plastic additive increases breast cancer relapse, mortality: New science

DEHP, a phthalate used to make IV bags and tubing pliable, increases breast cancer mortality and relapse risk, a new study warns

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