Atlas de los pesticidas: la huella de un negocio tóxico en el mundo

Cada vez se fumigan los campos con más pesticidas en todo el mundo, con consecuencias devastadoras para los seres humanos y la naturaleza. La presión por un cambio en la agricultura está creciendo.

Ecuador expands protections around Galápagos, creating ‘a new highway’ for sea life

The South American government will curb fishing in more than 20,000 square miles of ocean next to the archipelago.

Long-excluded uterine cancer patients are a step closer to 9/11 benefits

The hormone-related cancer can develop after someone is exposed to the kind of endocrine-disrupting chemicals, including benzene, that were found in the dust that lingered in Lower Manhattan for months after the 9/11 attacks.

Federal Reserve chair says its role in addressing climate "limited"

Powell’s reappointment is threatened by Democrats calling for more aggressive action by the Federal Reserve on climate.

Kentucky mental health professionals dealing with case overload after multiple disasters

While relief efforts can aid in rebuilding homes and communities, it’s key for all survivors to deal with the lasting mental trauma left in the wake of many disasters. In Kentucky, community mental health centers are working to that end.

Incarceration, abolition and liberating the food system

Six food and agriculture organizers discuss the role of resistance, healing, and community in their work.
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lead pollution

LISTEN: Lead pollution and mental health

EHN reporter Kristina Marusic talks with Living on Earth about polluted water and mental health.

lead ammo bald eagles

Lead ammo hampers the bald eagle rebound in the Northeast US

Bald eagle numbers are encouraging but ingesting lead ammunition is still killing large numbers, researchers find.

dr. fauci

Peter Dykstra: Life imitates climate politics—again.

Personal, misinformed attacks on Dr. Fauci are reminiscent of climate spats over the decades.

plastic pollution national parks

Americans agree on something: Get single-use plastics out of our national parks

A new poll finds bipartisan support for ridding parks of plastic.

environmental justice

LISTEN: Nayamin Martinez on organizing for farmworker justice

"The only sustainable way to move forward is if we stop using pesticides."

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