Detection and characterization of microplastics in the human testis and semen

This study revealed for the first time that microplastics pollute the human male reproductive system and that various microplastic characteristics appear in different regions, which provides critical information and basic data for risk assessment to human health.

Our shared responsibility: the urgent necessity of global environmentally sustainable kidney care

A call for the development of climate-resilient kidney care systems that function through accountable, sustainable low carbon health care, and propose a pathway to achieve this goal through a global, collaborative, and inclusive multidisciplinary working group.

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Putting planetary health at the core of the medical curriculum in Amsterdam

In 2020, only 15% of surveyed medical schools worldwide had incorporated elements of climate change in their curricula. A multidisciplinary team at the University of Amsterdam set up a module on planetary health with the aim of integrating this topic in everyday clinical practice.

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London nursing school recognised for sustainability teaching

Nurse lecturers at a London university have expressed their pride at being the first UK nursing school to achieve a special status that recognises sustainability-focused health education.

Hospices increasingly invest in environmental sustainability

More hospices are going green, making short-term investments to cultivate long-term sustainability.

Climate change’s hidden threat: grief and trauma

As natural disasters grow worse and more frequent, fear about what the future holds is increasingly entering the therapy room.

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They planted a forest at the edge of the desert. From there it got complicated

Trying to judge the success or failure of Yatir, Israel's largest human-made forest, depends on the way you define success. And the person you’re asking.

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Get phthalates, parabens out of the bathroom drawer to reduce breast cancer risk: Study

Women who switched to paraben- and phthalate- free shampoos, lotions, soaps and deodorants had fewer cancer-associated changes to breast tissue cells.

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LISTEN: Robbie Parks on climate justice and mental health

“It’s not just moving people around that’s going to solve public health disasters.”

WATCH: Are plastics a threat to national security?

WATCH: Are plastics a threat to national security?

Pete Myers explores the troubling link.

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Every stage of plastic production and use is harming human health: Report

New report recommends the United Nations Global Plastics Treaty significantly reduce plastic use through aggressive bans and caps, and closer examination of toxic ingredients.

Adrift: Communities on the front lines of pesticide exposure fight for change

Adrift: Communities on the front lines of pesticide exposure fight for change

Rural communities of color and farmworkers are disproportionately exposed to some of the most dangerous chemicals used in agriculture.

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