Azmal Hossan

El agua como armamento en el sur de Asia

El cambio climático y el desbalanceado poder político regional están provocando una presente crisis del agua en Bangladesh.

Durante la mitad del mes sagrado del Ramadán, cuando comencé a escribir este ensayo, mi Bangladesh natal estaba enfrentando la pandemia de COVID-19 con un cierre nacional.
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Weaponization of water in South Asia

During the middle of the holy month of Ramadan, when I started writing this essay, my native Bangladesh was confronting the COVID-19 pandemic with a nationwide lockdown.

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How environmental justice work takes a toll on people of color

From discrimination and a lack of staff diversity to witnessing communities like yours harmed, environmental justice work is an emotional and physical struggle.

Mental health and sustainable healthcare

An unlikely pairing offers potential for discovery and insight.

Pollution’s mental toll: How air, water and climate pollution shape our mental health

For years Americans have been warned about the dangers of pollution and climate change but one effect is neglected: impacts to our brains.

Plastic additive increases breast cancer relapse, mortality: New science

DEHP, a phthalate used to make IV bags and tubing pliable, increases breast cancer mortality and relapse risk, a new study warns

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