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Dirty air wreaks harm long before birth

The changes pollution inscribes in pregnancy haunt us not just during childhood, but throughout life

In chunky black glasses and a patterned scarf, her dark hair pulled back, Beate Ritz still looks more the sophisticated European than the casual Californian, even after decades in America.

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Three quirky projects make art out of China's polluted air.

Three Quirky Projects Make Art Out Of China's Polluted Air

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Three reasons to believe in China's renewable energy boom.

Three Reasons to Believe in China's Renewable Energy Boom

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China's surprising solutions to clear killer air.

Tangshan, China China's Surprising Solutions to Clear Killer Air

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Breathe less … or ban cars: Cities have radically different responses to pollution.

When thick smog recently hit, Londoners were advised to avoid exercise, while Parisians got free public transport. Which is the best solution?

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For renewable energy, Brexit spurs mixed prospects.


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Renewable energy grows in an unlikely place: the sunny Mideast.


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Food industry goes beyond looks to fight waste.

Duck-shaped potatoes. Curvy cucumbers. Broken carrots.

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