Fighting for the Ohio River watershed’s mussels: Experts are working to get to the bottom of their mysterious disappearances

"When I go out and look for mussels where they should be, they are disappearing, time and time again."

"Will one of these fit?" Wendell R. Haag asks, holding out a couple pairs of well-worn creeking shoes he's pulled from the back of his pickup, both decidedly larger than a ladies size 8.

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Alternative Nobel: Cincinnati attorney who took on DuPont wins award.

Wilbur Tennant had become desperate.

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Marc Nozell/flickr

Kasich breaks with GOP, keeps renewable energy standards.

In a victory for clean energy advocates, Gov. John Kasich Tuesday again broke with fellow Ohio Republicans, vetoing their attempt to put a halt to the state's requirements that utility companies get more and more energy from renewable sources.

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Will Ohio River carry fracking waste?

In coming weeks, the U.S. Coast Guard will decide whether to allow wastewater from the hydraulic fracturing industry to be shipped along federal waterways – including the Ohio River – and how strict those rules governing the shipments should be.

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