The dangerous fringe theory behind the push toward herd immunity: Derrick Z. Jackson

Resumption of normal life in the United States under a herd immunity approach would result in an enormous death toll by all estimates.

Officials at the highest levels are discussing the possibility of caving in on controlling the coronavirus and instead letting it run rampant throughout the United States until we reach "herd immunity," the point where the virus effectively runs out of people to infect.

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As the virus rampages through Washington, essential workers nationwide are paying the price: Derrick Z. Jackson

On October 6, the Roll Call news service reported that 123 employees and contractors who maintain, clean, protect, and restore the offices, buildings, and grounds of Capitol Hill and the Supreme Court have now tested positive for the coronavirus.

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Why environmental justice needs to be on the docket in the presidential debates: Derrick Z. Jackson

When Fox News announced the lineup of topics for the upcoming presidential debate, climate change and environmental justice were nowhere to be seen.
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The evidence is clear—the US public wants science-based policies for COVID-19: Derrick Z. Jackson

You would think that after 190,000 COVID-19 deaths, the Trump Administration might finally develop a national strategy to control spread of the coronavirus.

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Time to cancel the term 'minority.'

Nearly three decades ago, I wrote the following sentence in a Boston Globe column: "Let us bury the term 'minority.'"

Silly me, thinking in 1991 that I could eliminate this amorphous, diminutive label for people of color with a few taps on a keyboard.

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When COVID-19 science comes home to roost: Derrick Z. Jackson

In my childhood, our nation's war with itself was seared into me by the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Robert F. Kennedy.

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Blaming the COVID-19 messengers—public health officials under siege: Derrick Z. Jackson

The vilification of public health officials in the COVID-19 crisis reminds us of their vital role as the crossing guards of science.
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A second wave of COVID-19 looms large—and it’s not because of protests: Derrick Z. Jackson

All over America, protesters have taken to the streets to protest the police murders of African Americans George Floyd in Minneapolis and Breonna Taylor in Louisville and the White vigilante lynching of African American Ahmed Aubrey in Brunswick, Georgia.
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