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climate change indigenous rights

Climate colonialism at COP26: Derrick Z. Jackson

Every day that goes by in which wealthy nations fail to hold themselves accountable for achieving net zero reductions is a declaration that they don’t care if developing nations drown or dry up.

The refusal of the United States and fellow rich nations to compensate developing countries for the devastation wrought by air pollution and climate change smacks of a kind of modern colonialism at its worst.

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Photo Essay: Giving Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante the protection they deserve

Photo Essay: Giving Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante the protection they deserve

Walls of red, walls of gold. Stratified hillsides exposing 270 million years of Earth formation with ribbons of cocoa, caramel, burned orange, and white.

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oil and gas climate change

“Code Red” for climate means reducing US oil and gas production: Derrick Z. Jackson

This summer, the report from the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that keeping the increase in global temperature under 2 degrees Celsius would be "beyond reach" without "immediate, rapid and large-scale" reductions in global warming emissions.

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Great Crested Grebe

Don't compromise science when protecting water quality in the nation’s rivers and streams: Derrick Z. Jackson

With its "Waters of the United States" rule, President Obama's administration enacted unprecedented protections of rivers and streams.

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COVID-19 vaccination

Systemic racism continues to plague pandemic response: Derrick Z. Jackson

On March 29, Eric, the most prominent lay leader at my church in Cambridge, Massachusetts, perished from COVID-19.
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COVID-19 mask

States dismantle COVID-19 safety protocols at our peril: Derrick Z. Jackson

The gusto of Reopening 2.0 already has epidemiologists bracing for a fourth gale of coronavirus.

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COVID-19 nurse

500,000 US COVID-19 deaths and counting—a shameful public health failure: Derrick Z. Jackson

A century since the 1918 flu claimed an estimated 675,000 lives in the United States, COVID-19 is about to claim its 500,000th life in the nation.
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environmental justice biden

The environmental justice movement moves front and center: Derrick Z. Jackson

The voice of environmental justice, once lonely in the wilderness of systemic racism, is growling like a tiger and prowling like a panther in the halls of power, helping shape President Biden's cabinet with nominees pledging to restore environmental and public health protections dismantled by the previous administration.

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Yoga pants

Investigation finds evidence of PFAS in workout and yoga pants

Testing finds fluorine—an indicator of PFAS—in women’s sportswear from popular brands like Old Navy and Lululemon.

climate change

Peter Dykstra: A year into the Biden Administration, environmental hope is sparse

As President Biden completes his first year in the White House, hopes for dramatic change on climate and environment blow away.

Africa cooking pollution

What do new cookstoves in Ghana and air conditioners in NYC have in common? Energy justice.

Combating energy poverty and energy insecurity are critical elements to achieving environmental health equity for billions worldwide.

lead pollution

LISTEN: Lead pollution and mental health

EHN reporter Kristina Marusic talks with Living on Earth about polluted water and mental health.

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