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Living on Earth: Beyond the Headlines

Living on Earth: Beyond the Headlines

Environmental Journalist Peter Dykstra talks greening cities, House Republicans, climate change and Teddy Roosevelt.

medical-grade polymers healthcare

Sustainable Medical-Grade Polymers Are More Than a Pipe Dream

Thanks to new bio-based, medical-grade polymers and recycling options, medical devices can be safe, effective, and sustainable.
Dutch Green Deal healthcare

New Dutch Green Deal signed to boost sustainability in healthcare

A new Green Deal has been signed between the Dutch government, public bodies and companies in the healthcare sector, including pharmaceutical companies. It is designed to give sustainability in the healthcare sector a further push.
sustainable healthcare

Cardinal Health expands Sustainable Technologies facility

Cardinal Health's Sustainable Technologies facility in Riverview, Florida, reprocesses and recycles single-use devices from hospitals.
healthcare climate impacts

We can’t mitigate what we don’t monitor: Using informatics to measure and improve healthcare systems’ climate impact and environmental footprint

We discuss the importance of linking environmental, economic, and healthcare data, and outline challenges to the sustainability of monitoring efforts.

Medical informatics

Medical informatics and climate change: a framework for modeling green healthcare solutions

A new framework combines concepts from healthcare information technology and environmental sciences to structure green medical informatics solutions for different healthcare settings.

PFAS Sludge

A Spreading Problem: How PFAS got into soils and food systems

Risks from ‘forever chemicals’ ended a half-century of spreading sludge onto Maine farmland and raised unanswered questions about contamination of foods.
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phthalates parabens personal care products

Get phthalates, parabens out of the bathroom drawer to reduce breast cancer risk: Study

Women who switched to paraben- and phthalate- free shampoos, lotions, soaps and deodorants had fewer cancer-associated changes to breast tissue cells.

environmental justice

LISTEN: Robbie Parks on climate justice and mental health

“It’s not just moving people around that’s going to solve public health disasters.”

WATCH: Are plastics a threat to national security?

WATCH: Are plastics a threat to national security?

Pete Myers explores the troubling link.

plastic waste

Every stage of plastic production and use is harming human health: Report

New report recommends the United Nations Global Plastics Treaty significantly reduce plastic use through aggressive bans and caps, and closer examination of toxic ingredients.

Adrift: Communities on the front lines of pesticide exposure fight for change

Adrift: Communities on the front lines of pesticide exposure fight for change

Rural communities of color and farmworkers are disproportionately exposed to some of the most dangerous chemicals used in agriculture.

environmental justice reporting

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