Elizabeth Gribkoff

Glyphosate exposure linked to lower birth weights for Indiana babies

“Virtually all the major chronic diseases suffered from in adulthood can be linked to being smaller at birth.”

Glyphosate exposure during pregnancy is linked to lower birth weights for babies, according to a new study of pregnant people in Indiana.

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trash lake petrochemical plant

Crece el reciclaje químico – y las preocupaciones por sus impactos medioambientales

St. James Parish, un pequeño pueblo situado en un tramo del río Mississippi entre Baton Rouge y Nueva Orleans apodado "Callejón del Cáncer" debido a la alta concentración de plantas petroquímicas, es la sede del mayor productor de poliestireno (la espuma que se encuentra habitualmente en los envases de refrescos y de comida para llevar) de Estados Unidos.

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Chemical recycling grows  along with concerns of its impacts
Photo Credit: Yogendra Singh from Pixabay

Chemical recycling grows — along with concerns about its environmental impacts

St. James Parish, located on a stretch of the Mississippi River between Baton Rouge and New Orleans dubbed “Cancer Alley” due to the high concentration of petrochemical plants, is home to the country’s largest producer of polystyrene — the foam commonly found in soft drink and takeout containers.

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PFAS in food

IN-DEPTH: What we know about PFAS in our food

After a much-publicized study this year found high levels of a toxic chemical class in food wrappings, many of us are eyeing that pizza or to-go salad in a new light.

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PFAS cosmetics

IN-DEPTH: For clean beauty brands, getting PFAS out of makeup might be easier said than done

After a bombshell study came out last summer showing that a number of cosmetics contained PFAS, a class of compounds linked to cancer and reproductive problems, small-scale Oregon beauty company Axiology sent a suite of its products for testing.

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PFAS cosmetics

PFAS cosmetics studies are “springboard” for litigation

Cosmetics companies could face litigation if their products are found to contain PFAS, warn attorneys, as a rash of recent lawsuits hit companies touting themselves as clean but whose products contain evidence of “forever chemicals.”

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PFAS clothes

IN DEPTH: First-of-its kind testing points to dangers and unknowns of PFAS in clothing

If you happened to be strolling by the Adidas outlet store near the company’s German headquarters on a sunny May day in 2014, you would have seen a soccer match of sorts on the concrete outside. But there was something odd about this game.

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PFAS outdoor wear

PFAS widespread in water- and stain-resistant outdoor clothes, home linens

Looking for a new tablecloth or comforter? You might want to take a closer look if it’s stain-resistant because it likely contains toxic “forever chemicals,” according to a new report.

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WATCH: Pete Myers and Tyrone Hayes reflect on tremendous progress in the environmental health field

WATCH: Pete Myers and Tyrone Hayes reflect on tremendous progress in the environmental health field

"It isn't one scientific finding that accomplishes a structural change in science. It's a drumbeat — one after the other — for decades."

oil and gas wells pollution

What happens if the largest owner of oil and gas wells in the US goes bankrupt?

Diversified Energy’s liabilities exceed its assets, according to a new report, sparking concerns about whether taxpayers will wind up paying to plug its 70,000 wells.

environmental justice

LISTEN: Gabriel Gadsden on the rodent infestation and energy justice connection

“What it really comes down to is political will and resource allocation.”

Racist beauty standards leave communities of color more exposed to harmful chemicals: NYC study

Racist beauty standards leave communities of color more exposed to harmful chemicals: NYC study

"How do you change centuries of colonialism and racism that have always uplifted light and white skin tone and features?”

PFAS Testing

Investigation: PFAS on our shelves and in our bodies

Testing finds concerning chemicals in everything from sports bras to ketchup, including in brands labeled PFAS-free.

soot air pollution

Listen: EHN reporter discusses EPA's new proposed air pollution limits

Kristina Marusic joined Pittsburgh's NPR news station to discuss the proposed new rules