How wildfires impact your health

The impacts of wildfires are more far-reaching than you may realize.

Climate change makes our temperatures more extreme, resulting in fatal heat waves and droughts: conditions favorable to wildfires. And, while some wildfires spark naturally, up to 90% of wildfires we're seeing today are caused by human activity, highlighting a need for human intervention in both climate change and safe outdoor practices.

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Time to redirect focus? Health care sustainability all about recycling

This week we've pulled up the health care sustainability conversation on social media over the last month. The top 25 phrases mentioned in social media posts suggest a focus on recycling at the root of the health care sustainability initiative - a focus that encourages reactive thinking rather than proactive solutions or addressing other issues under the health care sustainability umbrella.

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Advanced recycling of healthcare plastics: an opportunity for circularity

HPRC conducted research to explore advanced recycling technologies in an effort to discover if they could address the healthcare plastics waste stream in a meaningful way.

The road to sustainability: what healthcare could do following COP26

The healthcare sector is a major contributor to global emissions, but efforts are being made across the industry to change this.

Challenging times strike the medical waste industry

Like many industries, the ongoing pandemic has had a significant impact on the medical waste industry – requiring waste and recycling companies to alter their processes and procedures, while keeping their frontline employees safe.

Comparison of routine replacement with clinically indicated replacement of peripheral intravenous catheters

Replacing peripheral intravenous catheters (PVCs) only when clinically required may increase the risk of PVC related bloodstream infections (BSIs) compared with routine PVC replacement, according to data from a new study from Switzerland.

Climate change is a health issue, plastic is the battleground

Paul Doyle examines healthcare's role in carbon emissions and global warming, and investigates how some doctors want to put an end to healthcare waste.

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Take action: download our free guide to tackling plastic pollution
By downloading this guide you will also be subscribed to our weekly Plastic Pollution newsletter. You may opt out at any time.

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Electronic waste from just this year will outweigh the Great Wall of China

"It's a call on consumers to return their electronics because without that, the alternative is the need to mine the materials, which is a lot more environmentally damaging."

As masses of plaintiffs pursue Roundup cancer compensation, migrant farmworkers are left out

Hampered by fear and deprived of resources, migrant farmworkers are unlikely to come forward and seek restitution.

WATCH: A global fertility crisis

"Reproduction is a basic human right ... to have that taken away from you from causes that are not within your control is what I'm most concerned about."

Understanding poverty and children’s health before natural disasters strike

Preparing for and building back after natural disasters should not be a one-size-fits all approach.

Ocean plastic pollution

Too much plastic is ending up in the ocean — and making its way back onto our dinner plates.

New federal legislation proposed to curb plastic pollution in national parks

"Plastic pollution threatens our ability to live in healthy communities and to enjoy the beauty and majesty of our national parks, today and in the future."

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