Jim Deming

Opinion: Fighting environmental racism in the name of charity and justice

The eleventh installment in our Pollution, Poverty, and People of Color series

The Parable of the Good Samaritan describes how a person outside mainstream society finds a wounded man by the side of the road and helps him – at some personal cost – recover from those who have harmed him. It is one of the defining examples of charity.

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Q&A: How peanuts’ popularity spurred slavery and upended agriculture

Q&A: How peanuts’ popularity spurred slavery and upended agriculture

EHN talks with Jori Lewis about her new book, Slaves for Peanuts: A Story of Conquest, Liberation, and a Crop that Changed History.


Chemicals in everyday products are spurring obesity, warns a new review

Exposure to obesogens, which are “pretty much everywhere,” is in part driving the obesity epidemic, according to scientists.


Peter Dykstra: Ukraine and nukes

From the Cold War to today, from nuclear weapons to nuclear power, Ukraine’s been there.

Environmental justice podcast

LISTEN: Rupa Marya and Raj Patel on "deep medicine"

“If I was to design public health training and medical training, the first year would just be spent listening to community members.”

PFAS Testing

Investigation: PFAS on our shelves and in our bodies

Testing finds concerning chemicals in everything from sports bras to ketchup, including in brands labeled PFAS-free.

Pulitzer prize journalism

Peter Dykstra: The journalism trophy hunt

Will environmental journalism’s historically strong showing in the Pulitzer Prizes continue?

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