Kate Aronoff: Biden’s incredible shrinking climate plan

Thanks to Joe Manchin’s stubborn defense of dirty power plants, the president is going to have to find another way to drastically reduce emissions—but it’s not clear how.

Crypto miners struggle to cut carbon emissions

Bitcoin mining has earned a bad reputation for guzzling cheap electricity in the pursuit of profit. Now bitcoin miners are trying to go green, to a point.

U.S. intelligence report sounds new climate warning

A national intelligence assessment looking at the link between climate change and national security cited risks of cost disputes, Arctic conflict, drought and migration as temperatures rise.

Paraguay failed to stop soy farms from poisoning Indigenous land, UN says

The U.N. Human Rights Committee says the Paraguayan government failed to stop the illegal use of pesticides being sprayed on the land of the Ava Guarani Indigenous community.

Fishery closures and the ghosts of past mistakes

Canada is closing fisheries and buying back licenses. Will this latest scheme save salmon or sink fishers?

Alberta ‘anti-energy’ inquiry doesn’t outline impact of so-called misinformation

The controversial and over-budget two-year probe, which has been criticized as a politically charged effort to discredit environmental organizations, recommends promoting the energy sector.

Getting tough on methane emissions could reduce global warming by 0.3 C

If governments, including Canada's, are serious about preventing global temperatures from rising more than 1.5 C, scientists say they should start with tougher regulations to slash methane pollution.

Highway 413 will be a ‘climate disaster’ for Ontario, Green leader warns

Warning that the proposed Highway 413 is "a climate disaster," Green Leader Mike Schreiner is urging Premier Doug Ford's Progressive Conservatives not to pave farmland for a freeway.

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Climate politics, Pogo edition

Will an old comic strip expression define upcoming global climate talks?

Climate pollution from plastics to outpace coal emissions in US by 2030, report finds

The petrochemical industry has found a new market for fossil fuels: Plastics.

Californians living within miles of oil and gas wells have toxic air

"For many years, communities have been complaining about how oil drilling in their neighborhoods is harmful. Now we have numbers to back that up."

LISTEN: Carlos Gould on global energy poverty and indoor air pollution

"Air pollution affects a number of health outcomes, but for children in particular those impacts are so severe."

Ocean plastic pollution

Too much plastic is ending up in the ocean — and making its way back onto our dinner plates.

Diesel trucks are causing environmental injustice across US cities

Using satellite data, researchers found that poor communities of color are highly exposed to toxic nitrogen dioxide pollution, largely due to diesel truck traffic.

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