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kenari nuts agroforestry

The little-known nut that may save at-risk rainforests

Growing sales of an Indonesian nut called kenari is helping to reduce deforestation.
sustainable parenting
Jim Germond

How to be a sustainable parent

Reusable nappies and zero-plastic baby food: is sustainable parenting doable?
obstacles stifle community climate and conservation funding

Despite pledges, obstacles stifle community climate and conservation funding

As science has increasingly shown the importance of conservation led by Indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLCs), donors have begun to steer funding toward supporting the work these groups do.

climate justice loss and damage fund

Kate Aronoff: How the U.S. abruptly shifted decades of climate policy

In just 72 hours, the United States reversed course on its long-standing opposition to establishing a fund for loss and damage.

Dimming the sun to cool the planet is a desperate idea, yet we’re inching toward it

The scientists who study solar geoengineering don’t want anyone to try it. But climate inaction is making it more likely.
sustainable outdoor clothing

Greenwashing is a problem. Rab might have the solution.

Rab reveals new product labels to fight greenwashing, challenges other outdoor companies to follow suit.

Study shows segregation worsens impact of lead poisoning on students

New research suggests lead-poisoned children with low academic test scores perform even worse if they live in a highly segregated area like Milwaukee.
repelling insects with pheromone disruption
C Watts/Flickr

To ditch pesticides, scientists are hacking insects’ sex signals

It’s now possible to mass-produce pheromones that keep insects from breeding near crops—protecting cereals and other staples with fewer chemicals.
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katharine hayhoe

Peter Dykstra: Journalists I’m thankful for

My third annual list of the over-achieving and under-thanked.

WATCH: The latest evidence of widespread sperm count decline

WATCH: The latest evidence of widespread sperm count decline

"Pregnant women, and men planning to conceive a pregnancy, have a responsibility to protect the reproductive health of the offspring they are creating."

pacific salmon

Car tire chemicals are killing salmon and steelhead

The chemical 6PPD, added to tires to prevent degradation, is causing a “complete breakdown of the blood brain barrier” in fish, a new study found.

sperm count decline shanna swan

A new analysis shows a “crisis” of male reproductive health

Global average sperm count is declining at a quicker pace than previously known, chemical exposure is a suspected culprit.

PFAS Testing

Investigation: PFAS on our shelves and in our bodies

Testing finds concerning chemicals in everything from sports bras to ketchup, including in brands labeled PFAS-free.

sperm count decline

Frequently asked questions on the new sperm count decline study

Sperm counts are declining everywhere — the implications are huge.