Kristina Marusic

Pennsylvania’s first proposed hazardous waste landfill would be near homes and schools

Residents can voice their opinions at an upcoming public hearing or in public comments.

PITTSBURGH — A landfill company based in Pittsburgh has applied for a permit to open the first hazardous waste landfill in the state of Pennsylvania, which some fear could threaten waterways and increase air pollution.

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Former coal plant near Pittsburgh is poisoning groundwater: Report

PITTSBURGH—The site of a former coal-fired power plant northwest of Pittsburgh is leaking coal ash and poisoning surrounding groundwater, according to a new report.

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Lawsuits against the plastics industry for health and environmental harm could exceed $20 billion by 2030

Thanks to new legal pathways, people around the world could sue plastics manufacturers for damages totalling more than $20 billion by 2030, with most lawsuits originating in the U.S., according to a new study.

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Tiny particles of air pollution appear more deadly if from human-made sources

PITTSBURGH—Air pollution from human-made sources like factories and vehicles is significantly more dangerous to patients with certain lung diseases than other types of air pollution, according to a new study.

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A guide to environmental health in southwestern Pennsylvania
Kristina Marusic for EHN

A guide to environmental health in southwestern Pennsylvania

Our zip codes are more important than our genetic codes in predicting our overall health and lifespans.

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For the first time, natural gas production linked to lower birth weights in a national study

Across the U.S., birth weights have declined as rates of natural gas production have increased, according to a new, first-of-its-kind national study.

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See where toxic PFAS have been used in Pennsylvania fracking wells

PITTSBURGH—Toxic “forever chemicals”, also known as PFAS, have been used in at least eight oil and gas wells in Pennsylvania, but the exact location of those wells has never been publicly disclosed — until now.

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Toxic PFAS pollution is likely at more than 57,000 US locations: Report

Toxic PFAS have likely contaminated roughly 57,412 locations across the U.S., according to a new study.

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PFAS feminine care

Evidence of PFAS in sanitary and incontinence pads

The findings come on the heels of other testing that found the forever chemicals in some popular tampons.

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EU’s new climate change plan will cause biodiversity loss and deforestation: Analysis

In a plan full of sustainable efforts, the incentivizing of biomass burning has climate experts concerned.

United Nations climate change

Op-ed: It’s time to re-think the United Nations’ COP climate negotiations

Instead of focusing on negotiations, let the main event be information sharing, financing and partnerships that produce faster technological change.

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Op-ed: What the media gets wrong about the new world population numbers

The last time that we lived within the productivity limits of our planet was about 50 years ago — that is a problem.

PFAS Testing

Investigation: PFAS on our shelves and in our bodies

Testing finds concerning chemicals in everything from sports bras to ketchup, including in brands labeled PFAS-free.

environmental justice

LISTEN: Beau Taylor Morton on the power of community organizing

“People can see you engaged and wanting to begin the work, not only as a researcher, but you’re invested in the community.”