Lorraine N. Vélez-Torres

Hurricane Maria

El responsable oculto de robar el aliento a la gente en Puerto Rico

Las esporas de hongos son una amenaza insidiosa para los pacientes con asma en un Puerto Rico propenso a las inundaciones. Necesitamos educación y colaboración con EE. UU. para ayudar a las personas a respirar mejor.

Como puertorriqueña, sé que muchas de nuestras comunidades todavía están sufriendo la devastación causada por el huracán María del 20 de septiembre del 2017.

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Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico

The hidden culprit stealing people’s breath in Puerto Rico

As a Puerto Rican, I know that many of our communities are still suffering from the devastation caused by Hurricane María on September 20, 2017.

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Early laws that were either the first step in environmental protection or the last straw in Native American genocide.


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Health care practitioners and regulators need to address the chemicals in everyday products that are in part spurring the obesity crisis.

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Investigation: PFAS on our shelves and in our bodies

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LISTEN: Black histories and visions of urban planning

We need to center "lived experience and desire in a way that our existing frameworks don't allow for."

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