Due to climate change, ocean habitats could be remarkably different by 2060

A new study projects how climate change will affect the oceans, and protected areas in particular. The scientists used a series of different warming scenarios to determine how climate change might alter the oceans.

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How will global warming impact the Middle East?

This summer, Oman, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Iraq have experienced temperatures surging above 50˚C. It is quite plausible that temperatures could rise closer to 60˚C over the coming decades.

Environmentalists blast ‘shameful’ report on the Biden administration’s oil and gas leasing program

A Department of Interior report released recently found that taxpayers are being shortchanged by a federal oil and gas leasing program that consistently undercharges fossil fuel companies.

You're doing environmental donations wrong

When it comes time to step up and put their money where their mouths are, it seems lots of people struggle to prioritize the planet and get cash into the hands of organizations that do the most to combat climate change.

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Wasatch Front air quality worsens as high pressure system builds

The annual challenge of inversions is back, with state regulators asking motorists to reduce travel, voluntarily refrain from igniting wood-burning devices and take public transportation if at all possible.

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Emissions rise 2% in Australia amid increased pollution from electricity and transport

While greenhouse emissions were stable over the year, an uptick in the June quarter shows pollution is not in decline despite Australia’s net zero by 2050 pledge.

As LA traffic slowed amid the pandemic, researchers gained new insight into air pollution

Car tailpipes spew out molecules of ammonia, a harmful air pollutant that can lead to thousands of premature deaths every year. New research shows that vehicles may produce a lot more of these emissions than federal and state regulators have believed.
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Rain to replace snow in the Arctic as climate heats, study finds

Rain will replace snow as the Arctic’s most common precipitation as the climate crisis heats up the planet’s northern ice cap, according to research.

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Opinion: Tackling toxics in food must be priority for new FDA commissioner

If confirmed by the Senate, Robert Califf needs to put the “F” back in “FDA” by using its regulatory power to ensure food safety.

Air pollution can alter our brains in ways that increase mental illness risk

Emerging research finds polluted air linked to mental health problems, leaving western Pennsylvania children and environmental justice communities at high risk.

Feeling anxious about climate change? Experts say you're not alone

Research shows more people are feeling anxious about the climate crisis and their numbers will only increase in the coming years. Experts are concerned it's taking a toll on mental health.

How contaminated water contributes to mental illness

New research indicates that childhood lead exposure impacts adult mental health. The toxic heavy metal is found across western Pennsylvania drinking water systems, leaving thousands of kids at risk.

Pollution’s mental toll: How air, water and climate pollution shape our mental health

For years Americans have been warned about the dangers of pollution and climate change but one effect is neglected: impacts to our brains.

How toxic wildfire smoke affects pregnant people

Scientists are investigating whether climate change-fueled megafires could be causing premature births and miscarriages in California.

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