New York National Guard Soldiers hand groceries to members of the community last week. (Credit: The National Guard)

Nate Hagens: Coronavirus exposes economic, cultural, environmental fallacies

Big-picture thinker Nate Hagens on the opportunities and constraints we face confronting coronavirus. His advice: Find your better self and play a role.

The novel coronavirus has laid bare many societal problems that have accreted over previous decades: chasms of inequality, the use of virtual debt to paper over physical world problems, ecological ignorance, addiction, obesity, fragile supply chains, fractured political governance, all in service of the growth.

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Commentary: The speech you didn’t hear at the US political conventions.

The amount of interesting and scary stuff going on in the world right now is overwhelming. It’s hard to make sense of what’s really happening and what to do, especially when everyone you meet pretty much has a different take and different assumptions.  This short essay is to highlight how different messages to different demographics are probably going to be necessary to affect positive change.

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Heroes of another kind

Covid-19 has made heroes out of millions of healthcare workers. Here are a few reporters that have earned our thanks, too.

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