Detroit Hives co-founder Nicole Lindsey holds a brood frame. (Credit: Detroit Hives)

Creating a buzz in Detroit’s vacant lots

Long a hotbed for the urban farming movement, Detroit is seeing a surge in urban beekeeping

DETROIT — Timothy Paule Jackson's affinity for bees began in 2016.

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The President’s green comedy routine

A token, triumphal green moment for a president and party who just might need such a thing in an election year.

Cutting forests and disturbing natural habitats increases our risk of wildlife diseases

A new study found that animals known to carry harmful diseases such as the novel coronavirus are more common in landscapes intensively used by people.

Prepare for a November surprise

Don't believe the polls; it'll be a race, by hook or by crook.

Diversity and community focus: The future of science communication

How EHN's Agents of Change series highlighted the inequities—and opportunities—in environmental health.

Cutting edge of science

An exclusive look at important research just over the horizon that promises to impact our health and the environment

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