The first big energy shock of the green era

There are grave problems with the transition to clean energy power. The current panic is a reminder that modern life needs abundant energy: without it, bills become unaffordable, homes freeze and businesses stall.

Opinion: The need for chemical simplification as a logical consequence of ever-increasing chemical pollution

The sheer number of synthetic chemicals in the environment, including humans, exceeds our capacity to regulate them in a meaningful way. We must find a way to simplify the output of the chemical enterprise.

Study: Kids exposed to harmful plastics during heart surgery

The tubing and other bendable equipment used in cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) exposed young children to phthalates at levels that may be clinically significant, preliminary research found.

Arizona’s megadrought tests the Hopi Tribe’s resilience

The tribe has survived for more than a thousand years in the arid mesas. The megadrought gripping the Southwest is testing that resilience.

From natural gas to geothermal: Audrey Shulman, HEET are fighting climate change

Audrey Schulman is not an engineer or a scientist. But her work could eventually reshape how Massachusetts and other states get energy.

The South Pole just had its most severe cold season on record

While the rest of the world sizzled, the South Pole shivered with an average temperature of minus-78 degrees over the last six months

Perilous, roadless jungle becomes a path of desperate hope

The recent surge at the Mexican border is likely to grow as more migrants, mostly Haitian, risk everything negotiating the notorious Darién Gap on their way to the United States. Climate change will make it worse.

EPA whistleblowers exposed minutes after filing complaint

In response to a whistleblower complaint alleging corruption within the EPA’s New Chemicals Division, agency officials immediately notified those accused of misconduct.
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Electronic waste from just this year will outweigh the Great Wall of China

"It's a call on consumers to return their electronics because without that, the alternative is the need to mine the materials, which is a lot more environmentally damaging."

As masses of plaintiffs pursue Roundup cancer compensation, migrant farmworkers are left out

Hampered by fear and deprived of resources, migrant farmworkers are unlikely to come forward and seek restitution.

WATCH: A global fertility crisis

"Reproduction is a basic human right ... to have that taken away from you from causes that are not within your control is what I'm most concerned about."

Understanding poverty and children’s health before natural disasters strike

Preparing for and building back after natural disasters should not be a one-size-fits all approach.

Ocean plastic pollution

Too much plastic is ending up in the ocean — and making its way back onto our dinner plates.

New federal legislation proposed to curb plastic pollution in national parks

"Plastic pollution threatens our ability to live in healthy communities and to enjoy the beauty and majesty of our national parks, today and in the future."

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