Theresa C. Guillette

diversity outdoors nature

Nature for all: Connecting communities of color with the outdoors

From an early age, many people don't feel welcome in outdoor spaces or inspired to pursue environmental science careers. That needs to change.

It's hot and disgustingly humid at Greenfield Lake in Wilmington, North Carolina, and I've been up since 4 A.M., yet I can't wipe a grin off my face.
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Naturaleza para todos: Conectar a las comunidades de color con los espacios al aire libre

Naturaleza para todos: Conectar a las comunidades de color con los espacios al aire libre

Hace calor y hay una humedad desagradable en el lago Greenfield de Wilmington, Carolina del Norte, y llevo levantada desde las 4 de la mañana, y sin embargo no puedo borrar una sonrisa de mi cara.
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fracking pennsylvania

Revealed: Nearly 100 potential PFAS-polluted sites in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia from fracking waste

A new map reveals at least 97 new locations that could have been contaminated by the industry’s use of “forever chemicals”

environmental chemicals obesity

Obesogens: Chemicals that cause weight gain

It's not all diet and exercise.

young scientists

Op-ed: Why academic journals need to embrace youth

We’re tired of hearing leaders say we need creative solutions to climate issues, and then ignoring the creative solutions youth present.

PFAS Testing

Investigation: PFAS on our shelves and in our bodies

Testing finds concerning chemicals in everything from sports bras to ketchup, including in brands labeled PFAS-free.

PFAS testing

Op-ed: Arming doctors with knowledge about PFAS pollution

A new course and report on PFAS-related health effects can empower patients, promote life-saving screening and help tackle the continued devastating health effects of PFAS chemicals.