Climate Characters: Evangelical communicates science without evangelizing.

Atmospheric scientist Katharine Hayhoe works mostly with a referent group that she’s belonged to her entire life: evangelical Christians. “The last thing we should be trying to do is instill new values in people."

Atmospheric scientist Katharine Hayhoe works mostly with a referent group that she's belonged to her entire life: evangelical Christians. Soft-spoken and patient, she knows how important it is to establish personal connections with her audiences.

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Northwestern University

Climate characters: A traitor to one tribe, welcomed into another.

It doesn’t take a PhD. in meteorology to see the climate in a different light.

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Climate Characters: Skeptical engineer questions government motives.

As an engineer working in the defense industry, John Albright has designed everything from body armor for the U.S. Marines to solar energy plants in Southern California’s Mojave Desert.

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The pollution plumes of North Pole

An oil refining chemical has infiltrated the water of a small Alaskan town, but families—many worried about health issues—are left with more questions than answers.

Systemic racism continues to plague pandemic response: Derrick Z. Jackson

Remembering those have fallen to the collective selfishness of the prior White House and the nation's governors—a selfishness significantly stained by systemic racism.

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When corporations tout their greenness and journalists get beaten senseless by lame ideas.

‘Forever chemicals’ coat the outer layers of biodegradable straws

More evidence that harmful PFAS chemicals are sneaking into some "green" and "compostable" products.

Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking scientific investigation finds western Pennsylvania families near fracking are exposed to harmful chemicals, and regulations fail to protect communities' mental, physical, and social health.

Pesticide DDT linked to increased breast cancer risk generations after exposure

Groundbreaking study finds women whose grandmothers had high DDT exposure are more likely to be obese and have early menstruation—both breast cancer risk factors.

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