11th-hour deal strips FDA oversight of genetically modified animals

This is the latest instance of Trump political appointees overriding the agency's scientists.
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Biden chooses former FDA commissioner Kessler as chief science adviser to federal vaccine effort

The appointment of David Kessler comes as Biden has begun spelling out plans to speed up the Trump administration’s sluggish effort on vaccinations.

Op-ed: How the FDA ignores the law when approving new chemical additives to food

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) failure on food chemical safety has left consumers at risk of chronic diseases.

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As coronavirus vaccine begins to roll out, FDA seeks to reassure the public on safety

“Science and data guided the FDA’s decision,” Stephen Hahn, the agency's commissioners, told reporters Saturday.

Vaccines are coming, but pandemic experts expect a 'horrible' winter

With vaccines and a new administration, the pandemic will be tamed. But experts say the coming months “are going to be just horrible.”

The coronavirus won't stop evolving when the vaccine arrives

The coronavirus is not a shape shifter like the flu virus, but it could become vaccine resistant over time. That prompts researchers to urge vigilance.

Trump bypassed state officials to distribute hydroxychloroquine to pharmacies

The White House directed distribution of 23 million ineffective and potentially dangerous hydroxychloroquine tablets to coronavirus patients, setting aside the mandatory safety controls put in place by the Food and Drug Administration.


How four years of Trump reshaped food and farming

No matter who wins the White House on Tuesday, policy changes over the last four years will have long-term impacts on the food system—from the farm economy to food access.

An angry Azar floats plans to oust FDA’s Hahn

Fights over vaccine standards have created an unbridgeable divide within HHS, officials said, but White House is unlikely to approve any changes until after the election.

Experts tell F.D.A. it should gather more safety data on COVID-19 vaccines

In a highly anticipated meeting of the agency’s vaccine advisory board, some said that the current guidelines, which require two months of safety data after a volunteer has been vaccinated, were not enough.

The FDA wanted to ban some hair straighteners. It never happened

In 2016, agency scientists deemed hair straighteners containing formaldehyde to be unsafe, according to newly obtained emails.

How the F.D.A. stood up to the president

After months of caving to pressures from the White House, Commissioner Stephen Hahn and a band of agency scientists have eked out a few victories.

Inside the fall of the CDC

How the world’s greatest public health organization was brought to its knees by a virus, the president and the capitulation of its own leaders, causing damage that could last much longer than the coronavirus.

FDA pushes back on Trump administration attempt to rebrand ‘emergency authorization’

The administration proposed labeling a Covid-19 vaccine authorization a ‘pre-licensure,’ which FDA says would undermine its procedures.
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Op-ed: Could paint be harming your health?

An endocrine-disrupting chemical lurks in paint – but safer options are available.

Op-ed: A push for answers about the environmental causes of child cancer

A first-of-its kind study aims to tease out the link between pollution and cancer in children.

In defense of all species

From manatees to Labradoodles, let's treat them all with respect and dignity.

Unplugged: Abandoned oil and gas wells leave the ocean floor spewing methane

The Gulf of Mexico is littered with tens of thousands of abandoned oil and gas wells, and toothless regulation leaves climate warming gas emissions unchecked.

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