Industrial meat 101: Could large livestock operations cause the next pandemic?

Novel viruses have been emerging in CAFOs for years. Advocates say coronavirus should act as a wake-up call.
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The FDA relaxes food label rules for fifth time during the pandemic

The FDA just made it easier for food manufacturers to substitute ingredients and for vending machine operators to ditch calorie information.

Trump’s vaccine chief has vast ties to drug industry, posing possible conflicts

Moncef Slaoui, a former pharmaceutical executive, is now overseeing the U.S. initiative to develop coronavirus treatments and vaccines. His financial interests and corporate roles have come under scrutiny.

A Trump official tried to fast-track funding for his friend's unproven COVID-19 “treatment,” whistleblower says

Whistleblowing virologist Rick Bright says that his Trump-appointed boss tried to fast-track funding for a friend’s coronavirus treatment, and that he was reassigned for insisting that funding be reserved for “safe and scientifically vetted solutions.”

Precious keepsake or needless risk? Ultrasound businesses peddle fetal photos to anxious parents

The FDA urges expectant mothers to avoid medically unnecessary ultraounds, but that hasn't stopped keepsake ultrasound clinics from providing the scans for entertainment's sake.

On the prowl for bogus claims about coronavirus treatments, the FDA targets miracle mineral solution

Since March, the FDA has issued 42 warning letters against companies marketing products that claim to treat or cure COVID-19.

Rick Bright, the coronavirus whistle-blower who said the Trump administration steered contracts to cronies

Rick Bright, the ousted chief of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Agency, said he was pressured to steer millions of dollars to the clients of a well-connected consultant.

Critical food and farm rules have been rolled back amid pandemic

Amid the coronavirus crisis, inspection suspensions, enforcement freezes, and rule rollbacks by the EPA, USDA, and the FDA could have dire impacts on the food system.

Inside America’s 2-decade failure to prepare for coronavirus

Top officials from three administrations describe how crucial lessons were learned and lost, programs launched and canceled, and budgets funded and defunded.

Trump’s aggressive advocacy of malaria drug for treating coronavirus divides medical community

While Dr. Anthony Fauci has urged caution in using hydroxychloroquine, some doctors are prescribing it to patients who have the virus despite the fact it has never been tested for it.

With minimal evidence, Trump asks FDA to study malaria drugs for coronavirus

The president cites “tremendous promise” for existing drugs, but their use against the new virus is unproven.

FDA running more asbestos tests of talc-based cosmetics after nine positive findings

Tests ordered by the FDA found traces of asbestos in nine samples of talc-based cosmetics products; 43 samples came back negative.

F.D.A. halts overseas inspections of drugs and devices, citing coronavirus

The agency said the spread of the virus globally prompted its decision. It had already pulled back from China, but this move will also affect India, a major generics manufacturer.

‘It’s just everywhere already': How delays in testing set back the US coronavirus response

A series of missed chances by the federal government to ensure more widespread testing came during the early days of the outbreak, when containment would have been easier.

FDA, FTC warn companies selling fraudulent coronavirus covid-19 products

One warning letter went to the televangelist Jim Bakker's show, which hawks colloidal silver and was warned last week by the New York Attorney General's Office.
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