'It's a dead forest': northern bush pilot, First Nations decry herbicide spraying

A bush pilot, hunting outfitter, and environmental lawyer in Foleyet has spent almost 20 years asking the provincial government to stop spraying chemical herbicides over Ontario forests.
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Popular organic weed-control product found to include banned chemicals

It seemed too good to be true, and it may have been. The Cailfornia Deptpartment of Food and Agriculture has issued a stop-use order for Agro Gold Weed Slayer.

Cows and a clean lake? Champlain advisory committee considers dairy's future

A committee devoted to cleaning up Lake Champlain is asking some tough questions about Vermont’s signature dairy industry.

Midwest Center sensors find potentially hazardous pesticides near schools, parks and homes

For one year, the Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting periodically sampled for pesticide drift in five locations surrounded by agricultural fields in Central Illinois, where large numbers of corn and soybeans are planted.

Philly bans synthetic weed-killers linked to cancer, asthma

The ban on non-organic herbicides applies to all city parks, trails and playgrounds. Advocates say it will clean city land of dangerous toxics.

Glyphosate exposure could disrupt human gut microbiome

Exposure to glyphosate could adversely affect the microbes in our gut, potentially leading to poor health.

Three from Big Island file lawsuits against Monsanto Co.

A Honolulu law firm has filed a trio of product liability civil lawsuits this month on behalf of three Big Island men against the chemical giant Monsanto Co. in Hilo Circuit Court.

War of the weedkiller: why environmentalists are concerned about moves to ban Roundup

Many say herbicide is an essential tool in preserving biodiversity but others say it’s a ‘delusion’ to think weed control is only possible with ‘poison’

Saving Alabama’s ancient forests one acorn at a time

The Centennial Tree Program has planted more than 5,000 native trees in the Birmingham area to make sure native forest species live on for future generations.

Prince George rallies against Canfor spraying glyphosate on local forests

Stop the Spray BC demanding province stop Canfor from spraying the chemical.


Auckland cancer survivor fearful ahead of vote on use of chemical weedkiller

Cancer survivor speaking out ahead of vote on a chemical spray which is banned in parts of Europe for health reasons.

‘I will be left with nothing’: Why Colombians are watching the U.S. election closely

Anxiety is growing over the revival of a controversial coca eradication strategy, backed by the Trump administration.

Environmentalists urge halt to Mexico's plan to allow herbicide, GM corn

They say it will open the door to the cultivation of genetically modified corn and allow the use of glyphosate, a controversial herbicide.

It's time that Canada stopped registering glyphosate, Ecojustice lawyer says

The Canadian government should stop blindly endorsing glyphosate, says a Toronto lawyer.

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