Pandemic plunges Puerto Rico into yet another dire emergency

The island has had to weather a hurricane, a political crisis and earthquakes, but those crises did not lead to the widespread unemployment caused by the response to the coronavirus pandemic.
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With climate change intensifying extreme weather events, can at-risk minority communities rely on the police to keep them safe?

Four experts discuss the options to prepare for crisis response—defund the police, reform police practices, or look to communities of color to protect themselves.

Trump’s climate change record under the microscope in new ad targeting Tampa voters

The 30-second spot is part of a $1.7 million effort to highlight Trump's environmental record.


Inquiry prompted by Trump’s Hurricane Dorian claim is being blocked, investigator says

The Commerce Department is impeding findings into whether it coerced the top NOAA official to support President Trump's inaccurate claim that Dorian would hit Alabama, the department's inspector general said.


Hurricane season traps people on the wrong side of the income gap

Inevitably, those in the path of a major storm are the ones who can’t afford to evacuate.

Inquiry prompted by Trump's Hurricane Dorian claim is being blocked, investigator says

The Commerce Department is impeding findings into whether it coerced the top NOAA official to support President Trump’s inaccurate claim that Dorian would hit Alabama, the department’s inspector general said.

New data reveals hidden flood risk across America

Nearly twice as many properties may be susceptible to flood damage than previously thought, according to a new effort to map the danger.

Property insurance premiums rising dramatically in Florida

Home insurance is getting a whole lot more expensive, a wallet punch for residents of a state that already has the highest property insurance rates in the nation, not to mention a staggering unemployment problem from a surging pandemic.

For Latino voters, crucial in 2020, climate is a key issue

Compared to other groups, Latino voters are more worried about the crisis, more willing to take action, and more likely to say they will vote for a candidate because of their stance on climate change.

Paul Bodnar, Tamara Grbusic: Your climate disaster tax bill is growing

The federal government’s spending on calamities related to global warming is a rapidly rising fiscal threat.

NOAA chief violated ethics code in furor over Trump tweet, agency says

Neil Jacobs violated the agency’s scientific integrity policy with a statement last year backing the president’s inaccurate claim that a hurricane was headed for Alabama, a panel found.

Cash-short Caribbean confronts hurricane fears after COVID blow

"You have three monsters coming to you at the same time - the pandemic, climate disasters and an economic recession," warns Commonwealth secretary-general.


Small islands may not disappear under rising seas, researchers find

In recent years, the leaders and inhabitants of many small-island nations like Kiribati and Tuvalu have warned that climate change is an existential threat to their homelands, fearing they could disappear under rising seas as the planet warms.


Borrowed time: Climate change threatens U.S. mortgage market

"Everyone is exposed" as taxpayer-backed loans and insurance face a coming storm.
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A call for unbiased, honest science in peer-reviewed journals.

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Pipelines have had a very bad July (so far).

Beyond the “silver lining” of emissions reductions: Clean energy takes a COVID-19 hit

With job loss and stifled development in the renewable energy sector, economists, politicians, and advocates say policy action is necessary to stay on track.

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