México prohíbe el glifosato para frenar sus efectos nocivos en la salud

Los ecologistas saludan el decreto que veta el plaguicida y busca eliminar el maíz transgénico para 2024.

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Biden’s choice of Vilsack for U.S.D.A. raises fears for small farmers

Democrats have struggled to win voters in rural America, and critics say the return of Tom Vilsack, a former agriculture secretary, won’t help.

Midwest Center sensors find potentially hazardous pesticides near schools, parks and homes

For one year, the Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting periodically sampled for pesticide drift in five locations surrounded by agricultural fields in Central Illinois, where large numbers of corn and soybeans are planted.

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Una conversación con una heroína ambiental

Radio Bilingue habla con Leydy Pech, ganadora del Premio Goldman.


‘Buy it or else’: Inside Monsanto and BASF’s moves to force dicamba on farmers

Internal company records show the companies knew crop damage from their weed killer would be extensive. They sold it anyway.
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Leydy Pech, la "guardiana de las abejas" que le ganó una batalla a Monsanto en México

"No sólo ha sido una lucha contra Monsanto, sino contra todo el modelo de desarrollo agroindustrial que se ha impuesto en México y que nos está perjudicando".


The 6 winners of the ‘Green Nobels’ for environmental activism show that change is possible

The Goldman Environmental Prize announced its 2020 winners, including an activist who used shareholder meetings to push back against financing coal mines and a beekeeper who took on Monsanto.

Three from Big Island file lawsuits against Monsanto Co.

A Honolulu law firm has filed a trio of product liability civil lawsuits this month on behalf of three Big Island men against the chemical giant Monsanto Co. in Hilo Circuit Court.

War of the weedkiller: why environmentalists are concerned about moves to ban Roundup

Many say herbicide is an essential tool in preserving biodiversity but others say it’s a ‘delusion’ to think weed control is only possible with ‘poison’

Soybean and cotton growers sue EPA over new dicamba restrictions

The American Soybean Association and the Plains Cotton Growers contend the EPA overstepped in its new restrictions on the weed killer dicamba.

New Hampshire sues Monsanto over chemical contamination

New Hampshire filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the agrochemical giant Monsanto over what it says has been widespread PCB pollution in the state.


Restoring the American chestnut with genetic engineering splits conservation community

Scientists are hoping a genetically modified American chestnut can restore the iconic tree. Some groups say it could be a Trojan horse for more GMO trees.

Percy Schmeiser, canola farmer who fought Monsanto, dies at 89

Percy Schmeiser, a canola farmer from Bruno, Sask. who became famous for his battle against agrochemical giant Monsanto, has died at 89 years old.

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Research participants "mean more than just the data points we collect. They are people with real stories."

A big green turnaround

As the US government flips, a few random looks back, and a peek ahead.

Op-ed: Could paint be harming your health?

An endocrine-disrupting chemical lurks in paint – but safer options are available.

Op-ed: A push for answers about the environmental causes of child cancer

A first-of-its kind study aims to tease out the link between pollution and cancer in children.

The push for standing forest protections in US climate policy

Researchers say "proforestation" policies are the fastest and most effective way to draw excess CO2 out of the atmosphere.

10 tips for cleaner grocery shopping

Picking ingredients for a better lifestyle.

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