How superweeds like Palmer amaranth are changing agriculture

Herbicides are losing the war — and agriculture might never be the same again. If there's a plant perfectly suited to outcompete the farmers, researchers and chemical companies that collectively define industrial American agriculture, it's Palmer amaranth.

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Monsanto told to pay teachers $185 million over PCB exposure

Bayer AG’s Monsanto unit must pay $185 million to three teachers who blamed their brain injuries on exposure to the company’s PCBs at a school in Washington state.

The Biden administration has defended some of former President Trump’s pesticide decisions

Although President Joe Biden has promised to limit people's exposure to “dangerous chemicals and pesticides," his administration has defended several actions by the Trump administration that generally deregulated pesticides.


Opinion: In Vietnam, Monsanto is guilty until proven innocent

To the victims of Agent Orange who keep fighting for justice and many other Vietnamese, given the company's dark past and controversial present, Monsanto is guilty until proven innocent.


‘I don’t know who will still be here in five years’: Texas vineyards sue over dicamba damage

The lawsuit raises the question of what’s next for specialty crop farmers, many of whom have said dicamba damage limits their ability to grow their products and make a living.

Beekeepers vs. Mennonites: Two traditional cultures clash in Mexico

Maya beekeepers see their way of life threatened by rapidly growing Mennonite farms.


Judge kills Bayer’s plan to limit future Roundup legal liability, issues harsh criticism

The federal judge overseeing nationwide Roundup litigation on Wednesday denied Bayer's latest attempt to limit its legal liability from future cancer claims associated with its glyphosate-based herbicides, citing numerous "glaring flaws" in a settlement proposed to apply to Roundup users who have not yet sued the company but may want to do so in the future.

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Dave Dickey: Bader Farms v. Monsanto could open floodgate of third-party lawsuits

How the Bader Farms v. Monsanto Company lawsuit ultimately turns out will certainly impact future dicamba related damage lawsuits. A lot is at stake.


French court dismisses case against U.S. makers of Agent Orange

The ruling frustrated victims who had seen the trial as a path toward accountability, but the plaintiff said she will appeal the decision.
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Agente naranja: La larga sombra de la guerra de Vietnam

El defoliante fumigado durante la guerra de Vietnam contenía la dioxina TCDD, altamente tóxica. Hasta el día de hoy, millones de personas sufren los efectos tardíos y los niños siguen naciendo con graves malformaciones.

Tran To Nga′s last stand against Agent Orange manufacturers

A French court has thrown out a lawsuit against Monsanto and other former Agent Orange manufacturers brought by a victim of the toxic defoliant used during the Vietnam War. She plans to appeal.

French court dismisses case over Agent Orange use in Vietnam

A French court has dismissed the case of a French-Vietnamese woman who sued 14 companies that produced and sold the powerful defoliant dioxin Agent Orange, used by U.S. troops during the Vietnam War
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Corte francesa desestima demanda contra multinacionales por ″agente naranja″

Una corte francesa desestimó la demanda de una franco-vietnamita contra 14 multinacionales agroquímicas que fabricaron el altamente tóxico "agente naranja", usado por el Ejército de EE. UU. durante la guerra de Vietnam.
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Monsanto desafía en los tribunales la prohibición del glifosato en México

El gigante agroquímico ha logrado una suspensión provisional del decreto que busca eliminar el polémico pesticida para 2024. El Gobierno ha recurrido el fallo.

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Researchers, doctors call for regulators to reassess safety of taking acetaminophen during pregnancy

The painkiller, taken by half of pregnant women worldwide, could be contributing to rising rates of reproductive system problems and neurodevelopmental disorders like ADHD and autism.

LISTEN: Azmal Hossan on the sociology of climate crises in South Asia

"If we look at the rate of carbon emissions, most is emitted by the developed and industrialized countries, but the problem is poor countries like Bangladesh are the main sufferers."

Op-ed: We don’t have time for another fossil fuel bridge

Those holding up carbon capture and hydrogen as new climate solutions are leading us down the wrong path.

Climate storytelling: Creativity and imagination in the face of bleak realities

Working with youth writers on a climate-fiction screenplay has opened my eyes to the power of the arts in confronting environmental crises.

Ocean plastic pollution

Too much plastic is ending up in the ocean — and making its way back onto our dinner plates.

Peter Dykstra: Protected by an alphabet soup of acronyms

CITES, CCAMLR, LDC, MBTA, CBD, Ramsar, LWCF ... they may make your eyes glaze over, but they protect our health and planet.

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