Trump’s scorched-earth handling of environment extends to oceans too

President Donald Trump's cruelty to the environment and wildlife clearly is never far from the top of his mind.

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Jennifer Telesca: How global regulators are selling out the world's largest tuna

The regulators' focus on fishing industry profits points up the need to change the way we view, and value, the lives of wild creatures.

Indonesia to allow back destructive seine and trawl nets in its waters

Marine conservationists and scientists blame seine and trawl nets for overfishing and damage to coastal reef ecosystems.

Maryland's wild oyster harvest doubles from last year

A new study finds the state's population of bivalves is in much better shape now than it was two years ago, with abundance up and overfishing down.


Trump lifts limits on commercial fishing at ocean sanctuary off New England

President Trump signed a proclamation Friday that opened the Atlantic Ocean's only fully protected marine sanctuary to commercial fishing, dismissing arguments that traps, nets and lines dangling hooks can harm fish and whales.

For this tribe, saving a river means saving the sturgeon

The Yakama Nation has been raising fish to release back into the Columbia River for more than a decade. Now, its hatchery is also producing caviar.

Evidence that fish flourish in a community-managed marine area offers hope

Study authors say local communities are able to enforce restrictions because they feel a sense of ownership.


Teachable moments on the dock

A British Columbia project that includes education with regulations is a winning formula for rockfish conservation.

Fish flourish under lockdown — but fishermen flounder

The pandemic is keeping boats at home, raising the possibility that fish stocks could rebound.

When Manhattan was Mannahatta: A stroll through the centuries

From lush forest to metropolis, the evolution of Lower Manhattan. Our critic walks with Eric W. Sanderson of the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Will fish boom amid pandemic-driven fishing bust?

It's difficult to tell whether the global fishing slowdown will give marine life a chance to recover, experts say.

Trump’s executive order seeks controversial overhaul of seafood industry

Offshore aquaculture, which has long divided environmentalists and commercial fishing interests, now has a pathway to approval.

New high seas treaty could be a game-changer for the ocean

A historic international treaty to protect marine biodiversity is currently being negotiated, but will it be strong enough to create reserves and boost conservation efforts?

‘You’re out there alone’: Whistleblowers say workplace abuse hides true impacts of B.C.’s trawl fishery

A culture of intimidation and harassment has resulted in the vast and systematic under-reporting of deep-sea fish harvested from B.C.'s coastal waters.

California’s critical kelp forests are disappearing in a warming world. Can they be saved?

The “sequoias of the sea” suck up carbon and shelter special species. They’ve been hit hard, but scientists, surfers, and more are banding together to save them.
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