Watching what we flush could help keep a pandemic under control

The failure to control the coronavirus pandemic has been a failure of real-time health data. Sewage surveillance could help fill in those gaps.
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Donna L. Farber, Thomas Connors: Quarantine may negatively affect kids' immune systems

Keeping children masked and separated is necessary. It could also undermine their bodies’ ability to learn how to fight pathogens.

How close is humanity to the edge?

Toby Ord, a philosopher who studies our species’s “existential risk,” has been both frightened and encouraged by our response to the pandemic.

The heavy toll of the Black Belt’s wastewater crisis

Many rural households in America don’t have access to safe sewage systems. In Alabama, entrenched poverty and unusual geology have created a public-health disaster.

How animal agriculture could contribute to pandemics — and solutions to prevent it

The warning signs of the harm the food industry could cause were apparent long before the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a University of Texas at Austin researcher.


Veterans plant coral off Florida as NFL pursues environmental projects around Super Bowl

From tree plantings to park cleanups, NFL Green aims to use the big game in Tampa as a way to promote sustainability.

Marine mammals may be at risk of COVID from humans; study

While there have been indications that this pandemic spread from animals to humans, a new study shows humans could spread it to marine mammals.


The coronavirus opens another front: animal fur farms

Why Denmark, a global centre for farmed minks, is considering killing 17 million of them and banning the industry.

The next COVID dilemma: how to make buildings breathe better

Better indoor ventilation systems could make people safer and healthier—and not just because they’d slow down the coronavirus.

Video: When diseases jump from animals to humans

AIDS, Ebola, and the new coronavirus are all zoonotic diseases that jumped from wild animals to us. So how can we better prevent that from happening again?

US says EU’s farm plans risk global famine

American agriculture official complains that EU and UK continue to ‘diss’ the US on its food standards.

Tajikistan, "House of Water," where half of the population lacks access to water

Despite Tajikistan's natural water wealth, according to a 2018 UN study, Tajikistan ranks 156th among 177 countries in the world in terms of its population's access to drinking water.


Drug-resistant superbug thriving in hospitals already hit hard by COVID-19

Doctors worry that a dangerous yeast, which can colonize a person’s skin without generating symptoms, is rising due to medical centers being overrun.

Deadly bacteria lurk in coastal waters. Climate change increases the risks

Health workers see Vibrio as a rare danger, if they’ve heard of it at all. But it’s already causing more cases of flesh-eating disease. And it’s poised to get worse.

Human-driven climate change is changing the colors of fall foliage, scientists say

Introduced pests, pathogens and invasive species are causing immediate changes. Climate change also may shape the forest colors of the future.
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Two things to be thankful for...

2020 is almost gone. And we are lucky to have prescient environmental reporters.

Major oil and gas companies join program to cut methane emissions

62 oil and gas companies from around the world signed on to a UN-led partnership aimed at bolstering monitoring and reductions of the potent climate-warming gas.

Q&A: A young environmental justice leader on the value of getting youth of color into nature

"Before decisions are made we need to practice what we preach when we say that we stand for justice and equity. In any decision-making process, youth need to be involved from the get-go."

Agents of Change: New fellows seek to reimagine science communication

Breaking through the echo chamber with new voices grounded in science, community, and equity.

10 tips for cleaner grocery shopping

Picking ingredients for a better lifestyle.

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