Climate change unleashes interstate water wars

The Supreme Court next term will weigh in on a battle between New Mexico and Texas over Pecos River flows. Legal experts say the justices could hear more cases like this as climate change intensifies interstate water wars.
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Clean Water Act covers groundwater discharges, Supreme Court rules

In a 6-to-3 ruling, the court rejected arguments by a county in Hawaii and the Trump administration that only pollution discharged directly into navigable waters requires permits.

Supreme Court rejects Trump-backed 'loophole' in clean water case

The Supreme Court sided largely with environmentalists in a case over the reach of the landmark Clean Water Act, ruling that a "loophole" in the law backed by the Trump administration was unlawful.

Inside the Supreme Court's new Clean Water Act test

The Supreme Court today offered a new boundary on the reach of the Clean Water Act, leaving the lower courts and EPA to interpret the justices' newly minted "functional equivalent" standard.

Supreme Court rules against landowners in Montana Superfund fight

Landowners may not sue the Atlantic Richfield Company to force it to do more than a federal cleanup plan requires unless the Environmental Protection Agency consents, the court ruled.

US Supreme Court sides with BP unit to curtail Superfund site cleanup lawsuits

The U.S. Supreme Court handed BP Plc unit Atlantic Richfield Co a victory on Monday, making it harder for Montana landowners to seek a more extensive cleanup of a hazardous waste site than the federal government had ordered.

Citgo ruled liable for millions in Delaware River cleanup costs from 2004 oil spill

Citgo, the former owner of a Philadelphia-area asphalt refinery, is liable for millions of dollars in cleanup costs stemming from a Delaware River oil spill in 2004, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled this week.


Citgo must pay for a massive 2004 Delaware River oil spill, Supreme Court rules

The former owner of a Philadelphia area asphalt refinery must pay back millions of dollars in cleanup costs, the Supreme Court ruled on Monday.


Oregon man's climate change defense rejected by Montana Supreme Court

The Montana Supreme Court has denied the appeal of an Oregon man who sought to use a climate change defense in his oil pipeline trespassing case.

This pipeline case could gut 100 years of safeguards for federal parks

The Supreme Court is poised to allow a gas pipeline to pass underneath the Appalachian Trail. Experts can’t believe the case has gotten this far.

Rev. Dr. William Barber: Racism and ecological injustice combine in 'reckless, racist' Atlantic Coast Pipeline fight

Although it is not new, under the current administration, powerful and wealthy corporations are given free rein to despoil and destroy our sacred and treasured lands.

US Supreme Court deals rare victory to Flint residents suing over the city's water crisis

Standing next to the Flint River, you can watch as the dingy brown water rolls over a former dam downtown, creating a frothy foam that floats downstream. In 2014, state officials decided to use this murky water as Flint's drinking water source.


Supreme Court allows Flint residents to sue city, state over water

The Supreme Court on Tuesday declined to take up a pair of cases arising from the 2014 Flint water crisis, allowing city residents to pursue a lawsuit against city and state officials over the water contamination.

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