Building back severed communities

The Biden administration wants to reconnect historically Black and Latino neighborhoods cut off by highway construction. There’s promise and peril in that.

'Forever chemicals' show up in state water survey

Testing done on Pennsylvania's public water systems found contamination by toxic PFAS —one of the so-called "forever chemicals" that pose a growing health threat—in at least a quarter of the water samples from 412 sites.

Joanne Kilgour: Together, we can choose a different future for Appalachian communities

We need an ambitious national policy agenda that supports the people and places hit hardest by our changing economy.

Allegheny National Forest grows over 500 acres with land transfer

Land transfer from the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy to ANF will protect views along Wild and Scenic Clarion River corridor.

LISTEN: Reginald Tucker-Seeley on how racism is a threat to public health

Dr. Reginald Tucker-Seeley joins the Agents of Change in Environmental Justice podcast to discuss what impacts our health beyond lifestyle choices, and how racism remains a significant threat to public health.

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America is building mountains of radioactive fracking waste & the one in Joe Biden’s hometown is under criminal investigation

In the heart of President Joe Biden's hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, the Friends of Lackawanna are fighting the massive expansion of Keystone Sanitary Landfill, a waste dump that accepts radioactive material created by fracking for oil and natural gas.

Pa. lawmakers want stricter regulations on fracking

Democratic lawmakers introduced a slew of bills meant to tighten up regulations on Pennsylvania’s shale gas industry.

State House passes relaxed standards for conventional drillers; Wolf opposes the bill

Supporters say the bill creates reasonable criteria for the industry. Opponents say it poses a risk to public health and the environment.
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Invasives and invasions pit humans versus nature.

Solar geoengineering: Scientists decry a 'foolish' idea

Ideas to dim the sun 'ignore the root cause' of the climate crisis – and create a cascade of unintended problems, scientists and activists say

Is it up to consumers, businesses, or politicians to tackle toxics? All of the above.

We all have a role to play in ridding our shelves of unhealthy products that are more likely to end up harming low-income families.

LISTEN: A trip down the crooked river

"Now that the water is clean, now that the fish are back ... it is so clean and glorious that everybody wants to be there."

Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking scientific investigation finds western Pennsylvania families near fracking are exposed to harmful chemicals, and regulations fail to protect communities' mental, physical, and social health.

Nurdlemania: Behind the climate crisis lurks the plastics crisis. Be ready.

A container ship accident off the Sri Lankan coast is a stark reminder of the "other" planetary problem.

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