Brazil’s Amazon deforestation surged in April after pledges

Deforestation rose 43% over the same month in 2020, to 224 square miles, according to the government’s Deter monitoring system, which provides daily deforestation alerts based on satellite images.
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Brazil’s Amazon has ‘flipped’ and now emits more carbon pollution than it sinks

The Brazilian Amazon, where dense rainforest was long believed to be absorbing human-caused pollution, has emitted close to one-fifth more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than it has stored.

Bolsonaro doesn’t want to save the Amazon. He just wants to extort the countries that do.

In theory, wealthy nations should pay to stop deforestation in Brazil. But Bolsonaro can’t be trusted to keep his end of the deal.

At Biden climate summit, abundant relief that U.S. is back at table

Global leaders convened in a virtual summit as the new administration tried to reassert U.S. leadership on the climate crisis.

Climate summit ‘last chance’ for Brazil to show leadership on global warming

President Joe Biden's climate summit of 40 world leaders this week will be Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro's “last chance" to restore Washington's confidence in Brazil's commitment to taking action to fight climate change, the U.S. ambassador to Brazil has warned.

Most global food brands continue to have a dismal record on beef and deforestation

Despite pledges of reform, the world's leading supermarket and fast-food companies are doing little to address the environmental and human rights abuses associated with beef production.

Biden wants world leaders to make climate commitments for Earth Day

The administration is closing in on deals with some close allies, but agreements with powers like China, Brazil and India are proving difficult.

‘Negotiating with your worst enemy’: Biden in risky talks to pay Brazil to save Amazon

The US is negotiating a multi-billion dollar climate deal with Brazil that observers fear could help the reelection of president Jair Bolsonaro and reward illegal forest clearance in the Amazon.

Researchers are hatching a low-cost COVID-19 vaccine

A new formulation entering clinical trials in Brazil, Mexico, Thailand and Vietnam could change how the world fights the pandemic.

Jair Bolsonaro: A danger to Brazil, and the world

The far-right president has given Covid-19 and the razing of the Amazon free rein. Now it looks like he plans to cling on whatever voters say.

Virus variants threaten to draw out the pandemic, scientists say

Declining infection rates overall masked a rise in more contagious forms of the coronavirus. Vaccines will stop the spread, if Americans postpone celebration just a bit longer.
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Eliane Brum: La muerte del último anciano juma en la Amazonía

El coronavirus y el presidente de Brasil, Jair Bolsonaro, están poniendo en peligro la supervivencia de los pueblos indígenas y el futuro de la humanidad.

Canadian firm's proposed gold mine in Amazon rainforest a step closer to reality, CEO says

A Canadian company is one step closer to building a controversial gold mine in the Amazon rainforest, after its study on how the development would impact remote Indigenous people was approved by Brazilian officials.

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