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In using this market-based approach to reduce emissions, the state can decrease its carbon cap over time.

Anyone witnessing record-breaking fires, unprecedented floods, and droughts can see we are facing a climate crisis.

An old Etna steel mill could become the newest landing spot for tech firms in the region.

U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey lauded President Trump's support of the fossil fuel industry during the opening day of the annual Shale Insight conference.

Delaware County's emergency operations director said authorities would not be able to quickly evacuate everyone within half a mile of a major leak from any of the Mariner East pipelines.

Ohio environmental regulators have canceled key permits needed for an underground natural gas liquids storage facility proposed along the Ohio River. 

Each Pennsylvanian has a constitutional right to breathe clean air, even if that right isn't always protected by our local and state leaders.

The order requires Sunoco to schedule a public awareness meeting and pay a $1,000 fine.
The violations included failure to properly maintain erosion and sedimentation best management practices, drilling fluid spills, and sediment discharge into waterways.
Wolf said letting the bill become law would “effectively deny that climate change is an urgent problem that demands prudent solutions.”
Pittsburgh has released a list of which buildings emit the most greenhouse gases. It hopes this will make them invest in energy efficiency.

Two years and two weeks after the Revolution pipeline slid down a steep hill in Center Township and burst into flames, its owner has begun the process of repair.

The Ohio ethane cracker would need more ethane than what Range would supply. An industry analyst says the region needs to produce more to meet demand.
Higher air pollution levels increase risk of stroke for individuals with the common heart ailment atrial fibrillation.

Children exposed to lead have lower IQs and are more likely to develop attention deficit disorders, and adults who are exposed are at greater risk for heart disease. That's what a leading researcher of the problem told Pittsburgh City Council members Tuesday.

The long-lasting impacts of redlining are still felt in some Pittsburgh neighborhoods.

Mariner East construction at three sites that require drilling through porous limestone can shift from horizontal directional drilling to open trench.

The G.O.P. has sought to help Green Party candidates in previous election cycles to siphon votes from Democrats. This year is no different--but it hasn't always worked.