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Study: Domestic oil and gas production responsible for $77 billion in health impacts yearly

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Texas Standard reporter Raul Alonzo writes about a new report that tallied thousands of excess deaths and health impacts tied to pollution, with Texas among the most impacted states.

In a nutshell:

The joint study focused on the health impacts of air pollution resulting from domestic oil and gas production and found that it is responsible for approximately $77 billion in health damages annually nationwide. The research emphasizes the need for comprehensive policies that address the combustion emissions and other factors contributing to health and climate impacts throughout the entire production sector.

Key quote:

". . . we found that there was 7,500 deaths due to this air pollution, 410,000 asthma attacks and a whole host of other health impacts that . . . when you put a dollar value on everything using the standard methodologies, ends up being about $77 billion", said Jonathan Buonocore, the study's lead researcher and an assistant professor of environmental health at Boston University’s School of Public Health.

The big picture:

Air pollution resulting from oil and gas production has been associated with various detrimental health effects, including increased rates of respiratory illnesses such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, and lung cancer. These health impacts highlight the need for stricter regulations and sustainable practices to minimize harmful emissions and protect public health.

Read the article at the Texas Standard, where you can also listen to an interview with Jonathan Buonocore.

For more information about the harmful effects of air pollution, read EHN senior editor Brian Bienkowski's article 'Safe' levels? Small amounts of air pollution linked to more death for senior citizens.

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